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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Guardian - Tell Facebook you don't write Obscene articles

Facebook censorship is alive and well and working overtime. We need your help. Saturday, Facebook deleted our business page because we linked to a story published by the Guardian.

There has already been a big outpouring of support from the nudist community for our getting our Facebook page back. But, we need the press to side with us and write a story. I've already tweeted The Guardian on Saturday since it was their story that helped get our account deleted because Facebook deeming it obscene. I need The Guardian to write about what has happened.

The Guardians twitter account is here: Tweet The Guardian and tell them to please write a story about Facebook censorship and that their articles are not obscene. You can tweet something like this, just copy and paste it:

@guardian #facebookcensorship You need to tell Facebook you do not write obscene articles

As The Guardian reported, Facebook outsources their censorship to Morocco. A country that is 99% Muslim. They determine what is appropriate community standards in the western world. Arabic is the official language and French is commonly the 2nd language. This is so silly, it would be like the Playboy Corporation being outsourced by the Saudi Arabian government to determine their appropriate community standards.

This probably explains why violent posts are completely acceptable to Facebook, but don't dare show a woman's bare shoulders or more as it can get your account deleted.

Think I'm kidding? Look at the photo of Mary Clare that Facebook warned me about. They called it pornographic and deleted it. And shortly there after posting it, they deleted my account. We've had 3 or 4 accounts permanently deleted in the past as Facebook constantly warns us about posting links to "obscene" stories from the mainstream press. As you can see there is NO cleavage, bare breasts, or nipples showing in this photo, just bare shoulders. Mary Clare could have been wearing a sundress in that photo. But, in the mixed up, crazy Facebook censorship world, those bare shoulders are evil. Whereas, if Mary Clare was naked shooting people, it would be OK.

What is our latest Facebook affront? The Guardian newspaper is one of the most respected newspapers in the world. They are against internet censorship. They are so serious about freedom of speech and the press that their website has a special section covering internet censorship:

Our page got deleted yesterday. This was the link to our Facebook page:

We committed 2 Facebook crimes, one after the other. The first offense was I shared a story written by The Guardian. I was told by Facebook that it was obscene and they deleted it Friday. Here's the link to the "obscene" story:

If you look at the above screen shots I took, You will see Facebook deleted the link to The Guardians story because "it doesn't follow the Facebook Community Standards:" This of course means the story celebrated the human body instead of violence. In the e-mail I received from Facebook, they warned me that I violated the Facebook terms of Use for posting obscene material. Yes, Facebook called The Guardians story obscene! Plus thre is no way I can contact Facebook to appeal that decision.

Next, I had posted a link to a story from MSN, 21 MONTHS AGO on my facebook page. Suddenly on Saturday I got another message from Facebook saying my account was deleted because they deemed the MSN link that was 21 months old to now be obscene. The post had been up 21 months and now, overnight it magically needs to be deleted to protect the Facebook community from MSN's evil, obscene writing style. To make matters worse, the URL to the MSN story wasn't even live anymore, so no one could even read MSN's "obscene" story.

So please tweet The Guardian. We greatly appreciate all your support.

And bloggers and the press are more than welcome to reblog or post this story.

Thanks, Tom and Mary Clare

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1 comment:

urban4est said...

Congratulations on getting this foolishness reversed. Facebook censorship is a joke. But the outsourcing explains why when I complain about cartoons advocating the killing of Jews and praising the Holocaust, I am told they are not a violation of their standard on violence. Later reassessments have resulted in receiving a letter saying they have reevaluated them and sent the poster a message asking them to remove those posts. But no suspension or removal of many similar posts on their timeline. Teaching hatred and urging people be killed is fine but dare show the beauty of the human body without violence and you are silenced.