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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Facebook Censorship - Enough is enough if they don't want to invite competition

As some people know, I was given a 30 day posting suspension from facebook for posting the above nudist cartoon even though facebook TOS says that nude artwork is OK. This same cartoon is OK on pinterest, tumblr, twitter, google+, flickr and probably way more sites, just not facebook. So much for real world community standards.

Then I got another suspension for posting words and a link. Not a photo, but a THOUGHT. Now that is scary now that facebook is becoming the thought police. Above is what I posted.

This is actually the 2nd time I have received a facebook posting suspension for thoughts.

I wrote facebook on 3 different occasions asking them to please explain to me how I violated their TOS and community standards and did not get a response. Even the cable companies that historically are the bottom of the list in customer service will respond to their customers. And yes, we are facebooks customers, because without us, they would not get advertising revenue.

Social media sites have certain terms and conditions. As facebook writes, "Safety is Facebook's top priority." It's how they go about it that is the problem.

Good sites like google+, tumblr, and twitter pretty much believe in freedom of speech. And if they disagree with what you post, they actually have a real human you can deal with and work out the differences.

Then there is facebook, the thought police storm troopers. The Guardian Newspaper in England has already exposed how facebook outsources their censorship to Morocco, a Muslim country and pay their workers who obviously appear clueless as to what are Western Societies community standards $1.00/hr.

Facebook says they don't allow the promoting of violence and hatred. Yet, they allow sites such as "I hate Israel" and "I hate America." Facebook found itself recently having to explain why it had censored images of women breastfeeding yet allows beheadings to remain on its network.

Time and time again, Facebook has demonstrated startling double standards in what it chooses to remove and they block and ban first without contacting you. Back in Jan 2011, film critic Roger Eberts Facebook page was disabled because of allegedly “abusive comments.” A number of Facebook users had flagged his page as “abusive” after he wrote a tweet critical of Ryan Dunn, an actor who died in a drunk driving accident. If it wasn't for the fact that Ebert was famous and wrote about this, he never would have gotten his FB page reinstated.

The New Yorker Magazine in Sept 2012 had their facebook page temporarily banned by what they called Nipplegate. An artist used two dots for nipples on a female cartoon character. This was enough for facebook censors to ban them. Of course when the New Yorker wrote about this banning, media around the world covered it and Facebook was a laughing stock. They had to publicly apologize to the new Yorker. Here's the link to this story:

Do you remember when facebook had to publicly apologize for banning a photo of a dolls nipples?

Or how about in March 2013 when Facebook censored an art piece on the Facebook page of the Jeu de Paume, the famous Paris Art Museum. As CNET wrote: "Some might find that describing Facebook's policy toward breasts as lunacy would be insulting to lunatics.
The company explains that it is merely a medium like any other and therefore follows certain standards.
Yet the amount of sheer hate which Facebook allows on its site -- the company defends it as "free speech" -- might boggle certain reasonable minds and certainly wouldn't grace The New York Times.
From Holocaust Denial groups to "I Hate Those Indian Muslims Who Love Pakistan," the company insists that it may personally find such groups repellent, but defends their right to express extreme views.
Yet a highly respected museum is unable to post precisely the sorts of images that highly respected museums house on a regular basis."

Finally you will see the "pornographic" picture of Mary Clare in front of a computer. This picture was deleted maybe 3 years ago and my account was deleted shortly there after. I am on maybe my 3rd or 4th account. Why? Because I post non nude nudists and do not think that violence is better than the human body.

Now, clueless people have said that Facebook is a private company. If you don't like their weird censorship rules that are unevenly enforced, just go somewhere else. And increasingly, many people are abandoning Facebook in droves. But, Facebook is a monopoly. With over a billion members, Facebook is the place to go to when you want to make public comments.

Saying "if you don't like Facebook, don't use it" is like telling Rosa Parks, if you don't like sitting in the back of the bus, then walk or start your own bus company. Facebook is the place to be. They have a responsibility to free speech. What they allow and censor does matter as there is no alternative quite like them. They hold an important place in everyday society. They help shape the world around us. They have a duty to protect free speech, not censor what they don't like.

And promoting violence instead of human beauty is one of the worst affronts to society.

If Facebook wants to be taken seriously, they could easily solve this problem.

Unless something is deemed to threaten life or death, contact the user before deleting. Give them 48 or 72 hours to respond. Give them a week to respond before deleting their account. And answer your customers. They will get a lot more respect this way instead of being considered a necessary evil.

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Marge Bobo said...

I totally disagree with Facebook censorship. To me, if they are not going to allow nudity, then they also need to not allow violence, any type of sexual pictures. I have not personally experienced being banned from Facebook, but my husband, Maurice W. Smith has, and I do take offence to it, because there is nothing wrong with the photos that he posts. He does make sure that they are Facebook safe.

Jerry said...

it's totally ridiculous Tom....
tv and movies are equally at fault...we allow scenes of violence yet hide from simple nudity....ridiculous....

Wolfgang Stein, Germany said...

Dear Tom,
all you've written is very true and I fully agree with you.
It were all so funny to read, if it were not the hard and serious reality on "FB"!
Very sad to read about your long problems only in "FB".....and we know us already since a long time very well! Over some years I often saw pics of nudity in art or also fully nude people in "FB", who like naturism or partly also pictures of nearly nude fashion models......but how long later too see (AFTER my looking!)....I don't know!! Perhaps only just detected early enough!!!
Furthermore even 3 - 5 porn pics, but no more many weeks later!!!
Dear Tom, we must stand together und fight for our openminded interests and beloved free handling and living!

Many greetings and all the best from
"Wolfy" Wolfgang in GERMANY

Matt Crawford said...

Facebook sucks. End of story.