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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

TCI's Take the "Shirt Off Your Back" Tax Day Room Sale Now to April 15th

Grudgingly, you give the IRS the shirt shirt off your back every April 15th. Well, here at Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, California's most popular nude sunbathing resort and spa, you'll happily take the shirt off your back and vacation here because we're having a great June room sale. Call us at 1-800-786-6938 for availability and making reservations.

Talk about creative accounting and great deductions! From now until midnight April 15th (9pm PST), book your June vacation at The Terra Cotta Inn. If you stay on Sunday thru Thursday nights, we pay your room tax. That's right, you'll beat the tax man and pay NO TAX. Stay 1 week in June and your rate will be as low as $959/week with NO TAX! And we include daily FREE breakfast and afternoon snacks. And best of all we never have hidden resort or day fees.

Where you an early filer (you already booked a vacation with us for this June)? Call us at 800-786-6938, mention the tax day sale and you too will qualify for this FREE TAX ABATEMENT!

Repeat guests all know Terra Cotta Inn is the best nude sunbathing resort in the US. And AOL Travel confirmed it by picking us as one of the top 10 best spots to go nude sunbathing in the world. We were the ONLY nude sunbathing resort in the US that caters to couples that they selected. And best of all, even before this sale, they picked us as the BEST VALUE nudist resort in the US! You no longer have to overpay for your nude vacations. Just stay here.

And in November, 2012, Palm Springs Life Magazine picked Terra Cotta Inn as the best place for massage in the whole Palm Springs area. Nude sunbathers are the luckiest as they get to relax to the max.

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We give your vacation budget capital gains. More vacation for your money. Give us a call at 1-800-786-6938 for your best nude vacation this June or anytime of the year. Hope to see you soon in sunny Palm Springs!

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