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Friday, October 01, 2010

Nudist Resorts and Pubic Hair Styles

It's lots of fun owning a nudist resort. We get lots of interesting questions. One of the most common ones concerns pubic hair, shaving, styles and waxing.

I originally wrote this post on 10/1/10. I'm now updating it on 1/13/13 as it is extremely popular and people still ask all the time about pubic shaving and waxing.

Here in America at nudist resorts, no one cares about your pubic hair style or lack of one. Now I will say that most women "style" their pubic hair instead of letting it grow natural. But, it's a fashion choice. It has nothing to do with whether you're a first timer, experienced nudist or naturist or just a nude vacationer.

While it is a given that most women shave their pubic regions completely bare, style them, or trim them, it is now becoming popular with men.

Pubic hair shaving for men has really taken off. Cosmopolitan recently reported says 95% of American men surveyed shave or trim their pubic hair. They wrote: "Women noticed and liked it — which set fire to the trend and sent the clippers heading south. "I ask every guy at my salon why he came in," Pham says. "If he's straight, it's always, always to make his pubic area more…appetizing…to his girlfriend or women in general.'"

Shaving companies advertise women's pubic razors in mainstream American magazines. Here is an ad from a a women's magazine that Mary Clare showed me (she forgot which one). You can see the female statue has a shaped pubic region.

The ad says "Quattro for Women Trim Style. Whatever your style. The only four-blade razor and waterproof bikini trimmer in one. Shave, trim, and transform with just the flip of a handle. FREE YOUR SKIN." This is made by Schick.

Even women who are NOT nudists are into trimming and shaving pubic regions.

There is even a nickname for people with no pubic hair. They're called smoothies.

Here in America, if you trim or shave your pubic region, it is no big deal. Having little to no pubic hair is very mainstream these days. Style to please yourself.

So come as hairy or bare as you like when you vacation at Terra Cotta Inn.

Pubic shaving is not some new fad. As far back as 4000 BC Egyptian men and women shaved their pubic regions. The shaved look was also very popular in the middle ages, just look at most of the art work from that period.

For instance here is a famous painting called "The Temptation of Adam and Eve, by Masolino da Panicale." It was painted in the early 1400's. You will notice there is no pubic hair on either figure.

Now is the perfect time for a fun, romantic, unique vacation experience one that you will want to repeat over and over the rest of your lives.

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And of course we're the best not because of being snobby. We're the best because we have the best guests. They have so much fun and are so friendly and wonderful.

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Nudiarist said...

Hi Tom, even here in Ohio, shaved is the norm for most nudists. It has nothing to do with swinging or other sexual expression, it's done because people think it simply looks better. Over the past couple of months I stopped shaving, mostly out of laziness, and my wife was the one who told me to get back to grooming because she was so used to seeing me shaved. But, as you say, no one really cares one way or the other, but the general aesthetic now is weighed heavily towards well-groomed pubic regions. Chet

blade69572 said...

would love to find nudist in ohio i live near dayton ive been a nudist for years

blade69572 said...

would love to find other nudist here in ohio i live near dayton would love to hang out been a nudist for years so email me at

Bikini Bodies said...

Great info and I have to say I am so glad others are not affraid of discussing real issues... I have included alot of great info also on our site

Anna said...

Shaving promotes pedophilia especially when women do it because it makes them look like pre-pubescent.

Tom Mulhall said...

Hi Anna,
Thanks an interesting observation that shaving promotes pedophilia. Do you have any studies or articles on that as shaving is so mainstream in society now?
I've owned a nudist resort for almost 17 years and it's the first time I heard that although I have to admit I have never knowingly talked with a pedophile so I really do not know what goes on in their minds except for what I read in the press.

MrB said...

Shaving promotes pedophilia? Is this a serious comment, or a supposition? This is the second time I've heard this thread of thought. The first time was that Naturism promotes pedophilia, rape and other sorts of violence to women.

I'd surely love to hear the opinion of a professional psychiatrist and/or profiler who deals with such things. I don't know everything and that's for sure, but I'm looking to be educated. Enlighten me.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone i´m a 37 years old me and my wife we are naturists and we live in Europe.
We are trimmed and most of times she shaves it all.

It´s not the first time that i come across with quotes like this one "Shaving promotes pedophilia especially when women do it because it makes them look like pre-pubescent." and really? Are you serious?

Well me and my wife like to see each other trimmed or smooth so therefore and according to that kind of quotes we are pedophiles or just one step away from it!

C´mon everyone knows or( at least they should) that pedophilia it´s a psychiatric disorder.
So it´s not by seeing someone hair down there or lack of it that it makes you prone to pedophilia.

And if you want to be more extremist, by that order of thoughts woman shouldn´t even wax their legs or armpits for the exact same reason.


Enjoy Nudism said...

It is all just what the person likes and feels comfortable with. No one should be judged because they shave or trim or let it grow.

Nudism has a lot to do with accepting others and yourself as you are, and pubic hair should be no different.

Anonymous said...

in response to the person that said shaving promotes pedo:my mom said playing with yourself will cause hair on the palm of your hands, kids should not drink coffee cause it will make their knees turn black,don't cross your eyes or they will get stuck,she was a wise women but even as kids we knew it was just nuts!I shave most of my front ,face to rear,so shaving the palms of my hands only takrs a little extra time!

Spontaneous-2 said...

Both now shave our pubic region bare, or as some call it become a smoothie,to have completely shaved or highly trimmed pubic areas doesn't make you a lifestyle swinger!

Anonymous said...

I shave my balls and trim the rest as im hairy as the dog next door, but if i had little or no body hair i would be a smoothy.

Anonymous said...

I shave completely smooth.. I even shave my legs and chest as well..

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I shave my complete body except my head. I think all women and men should only have hair on their heads. All other parts of the body should be hairless. It just looks and feels better. I think in about 100,000 years of evolution that is the way it is going to be.

diz said...

whatever you feel comfortable with.
We have a group of approx. 20 people that spend time on a clothes
optional beach on Hornby Is. B.C.
Some shave their whole bodies,some go completely naturel,some shave or wax specific areas. The group is
mixed (gender and sexual orientation). It's sort of come as you are.

Anonymous said...

I just love Mary clare and the way she grooms her body to be shaven.She has no other genitalia protruding from between her crutch/thighs and i think her shaven private parts are very polite to look at.Thank you mary.

Anonymous said...

In the Nudist resort at Cap d'Agde in France, over the last summers, most women have nowadays completely shaven pubic hair and the others have the pubes trimmed down to a small of patch of sort hairs. with shaven lips