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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bloggers nudiarist and academic naturist write about my opinion of the the San Onofre court case

I like I think he is the best nudist blogger on the net. Even better than me. I have a lot of respect for him. I don't always agree with him and today, it was obviously vice versa.

Today, nudiarist said I was bashing NAC for disagreeing with their decision to go to court over San Onofre. Yet, the funny thing is Nudiarst agreed with my position back on 7/19/09. He wrote:
"That's why I've said that the NAC should consider abandoning any further lawsuits at San Onofre, and instead seek ways to establish new areas. The California DPR doesn't oversee the entire coast, does it? There has to be several beaches ripe for nude recreation, in jurisdictions that need the revenue.

Sure, the loss of San Onofre is painful, but it doesn't necessarily spell the end of nude beaches in California."

I guess he was bashing NAC too back then? Or he was doing like I was doing, disagreeing with going to court and wanting to work for compromise with CA DPR instead.

Now, I want it to be clear. What I am writing here is MY OWN OPINION. It has nothing to do with any other nudist organizations. I am not a "mouthpiece" for AANR. However when I write things they could be misconstrued as "official" nudist writings. That is why prior to this final court decision, I did not put my disagreement with going to court into writing as I did not want it to be used against nudists by the parks dept.

I never undermined this case and I know of no other nudists that did. In print, nudists supported the lawsuit even if in our hearts many disagreed with it. I for one in this blog supported the Naturists once they decided to sue the California Parks department. For instance, on 7/2/09 I posted the link to a local San Clemente Newspaper for people to vote their support to keep San Onofre nude hoping the results would help their case.

In an e-mail or comment to Nudiarst (I forget which), I invited him to call me to discuss this case as I would NOT put it in writing. Nudiarist nicely e-mailed me back, but we never had the chance to talk.

Anyone can always call me at 800-786-6938. I am happy to talk to them.

In my post earlier today, I wrote "In politics you have to compromise if you want your way. That is normally the best solution as it would have been in this case." Academic Naturist wrote a comment on nudiarsts post today stating, "Tom was on my naughty list the moment he took the AANR job [I am on the AANR WEST board as PR chair]. It was only a matter of time before the brainwashing was complete."

Yet, on a 10/10/09 post he wrote about a women who supports the NRA and is conflicted about flying to the national NRA meeting without her gun. Academic Naturist wrote "The obvious answer is bite the bullet and leave the gun at home, despite her belief that she should be able to take the gun with. She'll have a much bigger impact on the future rights to carry a gun if she goes without it."

Here the obvious answer was bite the bullet, lose San Onofre and work to get other nude beaches in California while maintaining keeping the Cahill policy intact which is the model used throughout the US.

So Academic naturist sure sounds like you agree with compromise which was an option that was offered all nudists concerning San Onofre before the court case.

So once you analyzed what nudiarst and academic naturist have written in the past, they pretty much agree with my position. Thanks guys.

Sometimes organizations and governments need outsiders like you guys and me to point things out so they can move forward in the future with sound decisions.


Nudiarist said...

Tom, you have taken my words out of context. I was talking specifically about the NAC appealing the court loss to the California Supreme Court, which I predicted would not even be heard, and I was right. I fully supported the NAC in their original lawsuit, and was very critical of AANR from the onset of the case.

It's all to easy, and patently dishonest, to pull isolated words out of context and claim that someone agrees with you. It's cheap politics and unbecoming of an AANR West board member.

Tom Mulhall said...

As you know, I did NOT take your words out of context. In my post today, I quoted your WHOLE comment. You are a good blogger pulling the dishonesting thing, really now?

Everyone knows you don't like AANR, did I have to bring bring that up for you to think I'm honest?

I chalk this comment to your being mad at the San Onofre Decision by the CA Supreme court (which I am too).

Nudiarist said...

No Tom, you are misrepresenting what I wrote. Let's be clear - I completely supported the NAC lawsuit, and condemned AANR's appeasement policy. The only time I suggested that the NAC pursue another course of action was on the appeal to the California Supreme Court.

I am an AANR member and also a full member at an AANR club. I DO NOT dislike AANR, but I do disagree strongly with some of their policies. I applauded the skinny-dip record, and my wife and I both participated, but it's a crying shame that they did not reach out a hand to The Naturist Socity to join in. That was petty and cheap, especially since skinny-dipping is really more of their "thing". And yes, TNS should have thought of it themselves, and I've criticized them for a lack of imagination.

And AANR's refusal to partner with the NAC on the San Onofre lawsuit, and their continuing stubbornness to not work with TNS and the NAC on devising a plan for the future, are detrimental to the interest of all nudists and naturists.

Instead of writing posts claiming that bloggers actually agree with you on these issues, which they do not, why not try and find some real, tangible means of moving forward together on this issue. You're the person on the AANR West Board - reach out to TNS and the NAC and help restore San Onofre Beach to the nude sunbathing status it enjoyed for twenty years.

Tom Mulhall said...

Hi Nudiarist,
Great we disagree. I disagree with NAC's lawsuit and completely agree with AANR's negotions with CA Parks. You might like to call it appeasement sort of like Neville Chamberlain with Hitler, but as all people know there are 2 sides to ALL issues even with Chamberlain. I look at the bigger picture, even with Chamberlain.

In 1938, many Brits wanted to go to war with Hitler. Yet. the Spitfire, the only British fighter to be able to stand up to the German ME Bf 109 did not have its first production plane until May of 1938. At the end of 1938 there were only 2 Spitfire squadrons. At the time of war in Sept 1939, there were 9.

If the British hard line war hawks had gotton their way and attacked Germany prematurely in 1938, they probably would have lost the Battle of Britian. And if they had prematurely attacked Gerrmany, they may not had gotten the support of the US because the Ambassador to England at that time, Joe Kennedy was no war hawk in 1938.

NAC sued prematurely and lost the Cahill policy.

It sounds decisive to do "something" but sometimes that is not the best policy until you run out of options.

As far as reaching out to TNS, I have owned my resort for 15 years.
I am an extremely easy going person. I am a type B personality. However, with Lee in charge of TNS, I was never able to work with him. I still remember talking with him at Turtle Lake in 1994 telling him about our plans to open our resort. Lee saw our 800 number was 800-Sunnyfun. He read me the riot act that naturism was not fun. It is all about body acceptance. How dare I try to equate HIS naturism with fun. And from then on it was all downhill my dealing with him.

Of course now all nudist resorts promote the fun of nude recreation. It is our biggest selling point.

Nicky, the new owner of TNS is much more open minded and is a good person. Discussions are a 2 way street. And people have to realize that if you do not follow them down a certain path, ie lawsuits, you are not being unsupportive. Forcing people to follow you when they disagree with you is not the right thing to do.

What is best is you have your opinions, I have mine. We will not change each other on this issue. Let's stay friends for the next fight against some stupid government move.