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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Southwest Airlines May airfare sale book by midnight May 1st

This year, there has been some fantastic airfare sales. Southwest Airlines just came up with one. You must book by midnight Monday May 1st central time.

Southwest does not fly to Palm Springs. They fly to the Ontario California airport which is 70 miles away and the Orange County Airport which is 95 miles away.

Some examples of round trip prices are Baltimore $156, Chicago $212, Seattle and Portland $188, Denver $254.

You can fly from May 8th to May 31st. They are blacking out the Memorial Day weekend (that's OK as we are already sold out then).

We are already about 80% booked in May, but still have some rooms available on Sunday thru Thursday nights. If you look at and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see our last minute availability this month.

As the most popular nudist resort in Palm Springs we book up very fast. So don't wait too long before booking.

If you have ever wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Brian Williams of NBC-TV makes fun of the NYT nudist resorts article

I don't have time to watch network news as we are too busy taking care of our guests. (I do watch local news late at night sometimes). But, then I probably stopped watching network news back in the early 1990's when it became obvious they they had a very conservative agenda which is normally counter to American rights such as the Bill of Rights (namely freedom of the press) and also counter to promoting nudism.

I guess there is a person named Brian Williams who is an anchor on NBC-TV (never heard of him). He was recently making fun of the New York Times and the 3 page article on nudist resorts in Sunday's travel section.

In his opinion, because the New York Times circulation is down, they are running fluff pieces like the article about nudist resorts.

Here is a comment I wrote to his blog. I wonder if it will get printed or responded to:

"As the owner of The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa in Palm Springs, CA, one of the nudist resorts mentioned in the New York Times article, what Mr Williams is missing is reporting on nudist resorts is not an attempt to gain readers, but is reporting informative information to a growing segment of society that vacations at clothing optional resorts.

According to a survey released by Trip Advisor last October, 12% of travelers have vacationed at clothing optional resorts. That means maybe 12% of the NYT readers have been to nudist resorts and they are looking for more information about new places to visit. As Forbes Magazine once said vacationing at nudist resorts is the fastest growing trend in the vacation industry.

And according to Trip Advisor only 6% of surveyed people were interested in tennis vacations, yet tennis is reported on much more than nudist resorts.

Europe is very enlightened towards nudism and nudist resorts. Americans are slowly maturing to this wonderful, relaxing way to vacation.

You should try it someday, you would be surprised at how many high level executives, politicians, and celebrities enjoy nude and topless sunbathing."

To read the Brian Williams post click here

In my opinion people don't watch network news as it is a bunch of talking heads talking fluff. The few times I have recently watched it for "important" news, the networks are barely 1 step above Fox TV in their fluff reporting. For instance, Brian Williams makes fun of nudist resorts, but spends 80 seconds on the nightly news with the "breaking" story about the Miley Cyrus non-event photo shoot. Boy did her pr agents pull a fast one on NBC.

From 53 million network viewers in 1980 to 27 million in 2008 is not good numbers. I bet more people vacation at nudist resorts than watch NBC news.

Now if the networks did responsible investigating on war profiteering, and followed with that story until Congress or the Bush administration stopped it, then people may start to have respect for them again.

Nudism is the fastest growing niche in the travel industry, looks like network TV is not as popular.

It will be interesting to see if my comment gets printed.

If you want to have a nice relaxing, fun vacation where you can go nude or topless sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Monday, April 28, 2008

Topless sunbathing areas not the same culture as clothing optional resorts

The topless pool closed at the Venetian hotel in Palm Springs.

Now some topless pools are closed on the Carnival Cruise lines.

Carnival is overhauling some older ships. The Imagination is one of them. HEre is the story:

...Evolutions of Fun' overhaul
The Imagination - a 13-year-old ship - is one of the first two Carnival "Fun" ships to be refurbished as part of line's Evolutions of Fun relaunch.

...If you want to get wet without getting wild, the Imagination also added an adults-only hot tub area (appropriately dubbed "Serenity").

Long gone is the topless sunbathing deck; in its place is a miniature golf course."

For the full story click here

At least the hot tub is adult only so people don't have to listen to noisy kids there.

American businesses that don't understand the culture of nude recreation are not successful with topless pools and sunbathing decks.

Last year we went to the Caesars Palace topless pool and it was packed with single men. Only a few women where there, and even fewer went topless, (Mary Clare being one of them). It was very bizzarre as their rules were you could be topless on a lounge chair, but if you could not go into the pool topless nor could you walk topless. Only sit or lay topless on the lounge chair. And they wonder why women don't go there.

I did not go to the Venetian, but if it was run like Caesars topless pool, no wonder it closed, I would assume no women would go there either.

We had heard from guests who went to the Carnival topless decks and were also very uncomfortable because so many men went there.

This effects nude recreation as women who try these venues for their first public topless sunbathing experience and don't like it will probably never try topless or nude sunbathing again. Your first experience should be at a nice nudist resort or at a topless beach in Europe or a nice nude beach like Haulover in teh Us, so you have a positive first experience.

If you want to try your first topless or nude experience at a fun resort, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort a call at 800-786-6938. We are called the most mainstream nudist resort in America. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunshine Gardens nudist resort no longer a nudist destination

I always hate to see nudist resorts and nudist parks close or no longer be operational. It hurts the whole nude recreation industry as some people think that the popularity of nudism is also declining, which isn't true.

For instance, there is a bigger nudist resort here in Palm Springs that just closed after they went into bankruptcy.

Our guests said "oh, you must be happy that your competition closed." However, we were 2 different nudist businesses. We are a vacation resort where guests from around the world stay with us. They were mainly a weekend getaway. We had 2 different clienteles. We were never in competition with each other.

However, the big places closing has negatively impacted us. Some potential guests have called asking if we are still open figuring that that we have financial problems too because of the recesssion.

Actually, the recession has helped our business. Our biggest competition has always been the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, and Mexico. We are in competition for guests vacation time. With the recession and weak dollar, many guests who used to go to the Caribbean of Europe are booking their vacations with us. As one guests said, they could stay for 3 weeks at our resort for the price of 1 week in St. Martin. And now some British and European guests who we have not seen of 10 years or so have booked because the US is a bargain to vacation to.

Here is the sad story about Sunshine Gardens nudist park:

"Sunshine Gardens goes to clothes

Beginning this week, one of Michigan's oldest nudist resorts will no longer be clothing-free.

..."We are ready to retire and are looking to sell the resort. We will be opening this season as a clothing park, unless someone buys it and decides to continue as a nudist park," Penny Adams said. "By switching over to being a clothing only campground, we thought we could build a better business that appealed to all people and become more attractive to prospective buyers."

..."It's very sad to see such a beautiful and well-established naturist resort go," said Schroer, who has toured the resort. "They have a huge history of promoting what is a healthy, family lifestyle."

...Although Sunshine Gardens was one of fewer than 10 naturist resorts in the state, local naturists will still have a vacation place in Calhoun County at Turtle Lake Resort, a clothing-free resort in Union City...

For the full story click here

In my opinion, the more nice nudist places that are in existence means the more people that will be turned on to the fun of nudism. Closing and becoming textile campground sends the wrong message.

If you want your best, most fun vacation ever, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Sunbathing and nude sunbathing article in British newspaper

The London Times online has an interesting article about sunbathing and nude sunbathing.

They were reviewing a book called "Extracted from sunshine: One man's search for happiness" by John Murray.

It talks about the roots of organized nudists.

The British love the sun. I guess when you live on an island that is cloudy many times, you can't wait to getaway for some sun.

This year we have been having more English guests vacation with us compared to the past. They all love that the American dollar is so weak.

I like how the book title puts happiness with sunshine. It should also include fun as topless and nude sunbathing is lots of fun and makes people happy.

Here is part of the article:

A history of tanning

Before the 20th century, those who could shunned the sun. The fashion was for delicately pale, nearly translucent skin; anything darker was decidedly déclassé. Only the poor were tanned. A bronzed skin betokened lives spent toiling under the elements. Their betters covered their bodies, pulled the curtains and hid behind parasols and wide-brimmed hats. Like modern-day Goths, they even used cosmetics to make their skin look or remain lighter.

By the mid-1920s this had changed. By then the poor had largely forsaken the fields for sunless factories and mines, allowing the genteel to do a complete volte-face. The great outdoors called and, if you were out in the sun, you were going to get tanned.

...But 100 years ago sunbathing and tanning were only indulged in for health reasons, to cure or prevent diseases.

...Page pointed out that the “sun bath” after the dip was as important as the swim itself, and contrasted the cautious Brits with the fervent Germans. There the “sun bath is not just an incidental episode in a short summer vacation”. They knew how to make the most of the sun, even using their lunch hours to catch some rays. In Britain, where “we do not see enough of the sun...We do not make enough of the sun when we do see him”.

...We display a near-demented devotion to sunshine and an heroic determination to make the most of it every time it appears. “Phew, what a scorcher!” declares the tabloid, and devotes at least a spread to recording a nation determined not to waste a drop. But, outside nudist and fashionable circles, it looks as though this is an attitude we had to learn, and were actively encouraged to adopt. Health experts displayed an extraordinary faith in the virtues of sunshine and made it a popular propagandist cause...

The sunbathing society

The nudists were the first modern sun-worshippers, the first to embrace sunshine out of choice rather than medical necessity. For a long time “sunbather” was a euphemism for nudist. One of the first British societies for social nudity was called the Sun Bathing Society, and there was also a British Sunbathing Association and a National Sun and Air Society.

Most of the private grounds dedicated to clothes-free living were called “sun clubs”, clearly indicating the ideal around which their activities revolved; ...”

But we Brits are a plucky lot and hope must spring eternal in the nudist breast. It is easy to snigger at the stodgy earnestness of these early sun-worshippers, but by fighting for their own freedoms they made possible a lot that we take for granted in our relationship with the sun. Their tireless propaganda for clothes-free sun exposure helped to make bathing machines and woollen one-pieces a thing of the past.

In fact, before the 1930s, there was no real distinction between “sunbathing” and “nudism”. Given what constituted acceptable and even “legal” beachwear at the time, complete nudity and what is nowadays standard beachwear might just as well have been one and the same thing. For many it was. A newspaper from May 1925 reports how Bournemouth was strenuously objecting to sunbathing on its beach. It pointed out how beach attendants had powers to prevent anyone sitting on the beach in their bathing costumes. Bathers must “walk straight into the sea and straight back to their bathing tents”...

For the full aticle click here

Here in the US, we think we have a hard time convincing people to go topless or nude sunbathing. Could you imagine living in England in the 1920's where you weren't allowed to go sunbathing in a bathing suit on the beach.

I also didn't realize that nudists had a lot to do with promoting smaller and smaller bathing suits.

I know our resort has had a lot to do with making people accept nude and topless sunbathing more. I would bet 95% of our guests had their first nude or topless sunbathing experience at our resort.

If you want athe perfect place for your first nude or topless sunbathing experience, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New York Times prints great nudist resort article

In the Sunday April 27th New York Times travel section, they have a great 3 full page feature travel article all about vacationing at nudist resorts. It is also a front page travel article.

The article mentions 5 nudist resorts. And guess what? The Terra Cotta Inn is one of the resorts featured in the article.

It is a real good article. I spoke with the reporter for maybe 45 minutes on the phone.

I have always said the nudist industry in America HAS to cater to vacationers. We do.

I have been told by other nudist resort owners that, yes, Terra Cotta is different. Outside of us and Cypress Cove in Florida, most nudists only go to local nudist clubs on weekends. They go to the Caribbean or Europe for vacations, so they don't waste their time catering to vacationers.

Well this article shows, that catering to nudist vaccationers is where the market is moving. For instance, a bigger nudist place here in Palm Springs only catered to local Southern Californians on weekends, and they are now out of business. We catered to nudist vacationers and have the 2nd highest occupancy rate of ALL hotels in Palm Springs!

The only negative I have to say about the article is it also features a lifestyle swingers resort and does not make it clear that it is a swinger place. The article calls it "a nude lifestyle resort." But, most first timers don't know that "lifestyle" is the code word for a sex swapping resort

Since the rest of the article is all about nudist resorts being places to relax and have fun, and it even mentions nudist resorts are not sex places, it seems pretty weird to mention a swinger hotel in the same article with nice nudist resorts. Go figure.

Anyway, the article will go a long way in making people feel comfortable with vacationing at nudist resorts.

And since we are the ONLY nudist resort that caters to couples on vacation in the western US, this article will only help bring us more business.

If you want to vacation at our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa, give us a call at 800-786-6938.

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Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kelly Clarkson is a home nudist

Many celebrities are home nudists like Jennifer Lopez, Tom Hanks, And now Kelly Clarkson. Even more celebrities enjoy outdoor topless and nude sunbathing. Shakira is a perfect example of a celebrity who says she loves gardening in the nude at her house.

I have always said if the nudist industry could ever have a celebrity like a Kelly Clarkson come out and say she loved vacationing at nudist resorts, it would take the nudist industry to another much higher level.

We have had celebrities stay at our resort before. We have even had Grammy award winners stay here before like Kelly. As we have become friends with the guests, (and celebrities that enjoy nudism are always very nice and friendly), we have asked if we could ever say they stayed with us. unfortunately, they have all said no as they don't want the media to know they enjoy nudist resorts.

Helen Mirren is the bravest celebrity for saying she likes nude beaches.

I have not met Kelly, but I bet she is very nice since she is a home nudist.

Here's the story:

"Kelly Clarkson loves to be naked

Singer Kelly Clarkson is working overtime to shed the squeaky clean American Idol veneer she once had.

The tabloid Us Weekly is claiming that the Texan girl and Grammy winner enjoys walking around her home in the buff, no matter what's going on.

This tidbit includes not just when close friends are around, but even when her home is “filled with strangers for photo shoots or fittings,” reports the magazine.

Kelly explains why: “I just really like being naked,” Clarkson reportedly tells visitors with a shrug, according to Us Weekly.

For the full story click here

I like how this site says she is trying to shed her squeaky clean image. I guess it didn't dawn on them, that maybe Kelly just enjoys being nude and there is nothing "naughty" about being a home nudist.

So Kelly, if you read this post, you are invited to come to our resort The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa. It would be nice if you let us tell people you stayed here, but if you want to keep it confidential, it is perfectly OK with us, as your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

And readers, if you want the perfect vacation where you can go topless or nude sunbathing, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Last minute availability at Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs has been having beautiful sunny weather this spring. The rest of April is supposed to be perfect in the upper 80's to mid 90's and sunny.

Everyone has been wanting to vacation at our nudist resort in Palm Springs this year. We sell out most days of the week.

What we do for people planning last minute getaways is we print our last minute availability on our home page on You just need to scroll to the bottom of the page to see if we have any rooms available.

We have always catered to couples on vacation which is why our repeat guests come from all over the US, Canada, England,and Australia to stay here.

This is what we have available still in April:

On Wednesday, April 23rd, we still have the house next door to the hotel available
On Monday, April 28th we only have 1 room left.
On Tuesday, April 29th, we only have 2 rooms left.
On Wednesday, April 30th we only have 3 rooms left
On Thursday, May 1st, we only have 1 room left.

All the other dates in April are full, although we still have day use available on some dates. Check For last minute cancellations and availability.

Now in May, and in the summer, we still have some rooms available. Give us a call to make reservations in those months.

If you have ever wanted to vacation at a clothing optional resort, we are the perfect place to try. reported we are the most mainstream nudist resort in the US and perfect for couples trying nude sunbathing for the first time.

To learn more about the beautiful city of Palm Springs, visit To learn more about our resort, visit

Give us a call at 1-800-786-6938, toll free in the US and Canada for more information or to make reservations. We answer the phones from 8am-10pm PST.

We hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Naturist resorts and word of mouth advertising

Naturist resorts should receive lots of positive word of mouth referrals and advertising. But the opposite happens.

When you are at a naturist resort all you hear around the pool and jacuzzi is guests talking about what naturist resorts they have vacationed at. What they like and dislike about different naturist resorts and naturist beaches.

Among naturists word of mouth advertising is great. However, most naturists are still in the closet and don't tell their friends and neighbors that they enjoy nude sunbathing.

AANR, the American Association for Nude Recreation, which is a great organization and I encourage everyone to join it as they protect naturist and nudist rights, has 50,000 members. Yet, it has been estimated that over 5 million Americans have vacationed at naturist resorts or nude beaches somewhere in the world. With this many people enjoying nude sunbathing, you would think everyone would understand how wholesome nude sunbathing is. Wrong!

Part of the problem is even some naturist leaders are too nervous to tell their friends that they enjoy nude sunbathing nad vacationing at natursit resorts.

For instance, in the story about Terra Sol nudist resort in the development stages in Florida, the president of a local naturist club in Florida, won't even use his full name with a reporter. Here is the story:

"The president of the Suncoast Naturists, a North Port resident who asked to be identified only as Fred because he worries that some friends would not understand the lifestyle, said Wagner faces an uphill battle."

If you don't use your full name for a story, people will think you have something to hide. It does not look good as it makes you look guilty of something.

Naturists need to come out of the closet and let people know they are regular people. They are teachers, and college students, doctors, and nurses, lawyers, entrepreneurs, construction workers, accountants, and yes even ministers. Naturists are democrats, republicans, libertarians, and people who don't vote. They are everyone.

Until naturists come out of the closet and tell their friends and neighbors how much fun it is going to naturist resorts and nude sunbathing, naturism faces an uphill battle.

And if you want a fun new experience where you can go nude or topless sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

The General public is confused by swinger clubs and nudist resorts

Swingers and nudists get confused by the media all the time.

There is a nudist resort in the early stages of planning in Florida called Terra Sol (no relation to our resort here in sunny Palm Springs, that is running into some resistance from local government officals and religious leaders. Part of the reason is people are confusing nudist resorts with swinger clubs thinking that there is no difference that both type of places are sex places.

Part of the reason they get confused is many swinger clubs call themselves nudist or clothing optional resorts so they can hide behind nudisms respectability.

In researching this story, I learned there is a popular swinger forum group click here They have a thread going right now among swingers called "Swinging and nudism." In the thread it lists 9swinger clubs that pretend to be nudist and clothing optional resorts.

One swinger properly sums up the discussion: "Lets call a spade a spade here, if you knowingly allow swinging to occur on your property you ARE NOT a nudist resort you are a swing club drop the words nudist resort from your website, remove yourself from nudist resort listings and advertise yourself truthfully."

I have nothing against swinger clubs. I hear Hedonism in Jamaica is very nice. The problem is when swinging goes on and you call youself a nudist or clothing optional resort, the media and general public are confused. That is part of the problem Terra Sol is running into in Florida. They think both type of operations are the same.

The other problem is if a first timer visits what they think is a nudist resort and see it really is a swinger place, they will think all nudist resorts are like that and probably never ever will try nudism again. We hear that from people all the time.

I am all for truth in advertising.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Swinger club shut down in Southern California

A nude photography studio that operated as a swinger club is shut down in the town of Orange, CA. At least they didn't try to pretend to be a nudist resort like many swinger places do.

Here is the story:

"Swingers club owner: 'Sex sells'
Owner of Club Amnesty in Orange gives tour of facility and promises to re-open in 2009.

ORANGE -Gary Nalder gave a short answer to the question of why he chose to convert a photography studio in Orange to an underground swingers club.

“Sex sells,” he said with a smile.

Nalder obtained a Sexually-Orientated Business License from the city in 2004 indicating he planned to run a nude and semi-nude photography studio at 1548 N. Brian St. Instead, the photography studio turned into Club Amnesty, which held weekly sex parties for couples for more than three years.

City officials recently cited the New Zealand native for operating without a proper business license and violating numerous city and fire code violations. Nalder, speaking outside the building, said he planned to shut the club down...

“I’ve been to many swing clubs,” Nalder said. “So I took a little bit of everything and put it all together.”...

Though he was sad the club was closing, Nalder said he was also a bit relieved.

“It’s been stressful for the last three years. Just putting on parties every Saturday was just stressful,” he said. “It takes a lot of time and a lot of work. When you’re dealing with 5,000 members, they’ve all got a question, you know?”

Nalder said he planned to relocate the club elsewhere in 2009 to protect his membership.

“People in this lifestyle want to be kept secret. They don’t want their neighbors to know what they’re doing because people have a negative connotation about it,” Nalder said. ”They think it’s bad. But what’s bad about it?”

For the full story click here

In the story, there is a poll where you can vote. Here is the results at the time I wrote this story.

How would you feel about a swingers club in your town?
Yes, why not?

No, cities should not allow these types of businesses.

It's none of my business.

Total Votes: 3229

Now of course, like any online poll, the results are not scientific. However, with over 75% of people saying why not or it is none of my business, that shows that there are many enlightened people.

I myself don't care if swinger resorts open as long as they label their businesses as a swingers clubs and not try to say they are a nudist clubs.

And if you want a nice fun vacation at a nudist resort, as we are NOT a swinger resort, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

A chance for you to vote for nudist resorts in Florida

Owning and operating a successful nudist resort is not the easiest business. For instance a big nudist resort right here in Palm Springs filed bankruptcy and when you go to their website it says they are closed.

Not only do you have regular business issues to deal with, but nudist resorts may have to deal with close minded government officials that non nudist businesses don't have to deal with. Luckily, here in Palm Springs our local government officials are pro nudist resorts. I am even a past president of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce.

We have been very fortunate as we have one of the highest repeat guest rates in the travel industry at just over 75% repeat guests and we have guests from around the world stay with us. For instance, last year picked us as one of the 10 best nudist resorts in the world and in October, picked us as one of the best places in the world to go nude sunbathing. Both times we were the only resort on the west coast that was honored.

A new nudist resort wants to start up in Florida. It is called Terra Sol nudist resort. It is not related to our nudist resort, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa.

In their local newspaper, The Sun Herald in Florida, they have an online poll where you can vote whether the resort should be allowed or not.

To vote whether the resort should be allowed click here

Please go here to vote.

And when you want to have a fun vacation where you can go nude ot topless sunbathing in Palm Springs, CA, the sunniest city in America, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

We hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

We wish Terra Sol good luck in building their nudist resort.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Palm Springs is recommended as a vacation destination by more and more publications

Palm Springs was recommended this year as one of the top 10 vacation destinations that you must vacation at in the world by Lonely Planet travel guide company, the largest travel guide company in the world. One of the reasons Lonely Planet said you had to vacation in Palm Springs is because of the great nudist resorts. That means us, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort, Palm Springs, CA is the reason you have to schedule your vacation here.

More and more publications have been telling their readers you MUST vacation in Palm Springs. Here an Albany media site is recommending Palm Springs. They left our a couple of reasons why you need to vacation here in the summer. Number one is our Nudist Resort (they recommended some boring textile places instead). Next no humidity. Next no mosquitoes. Next we are the sunniest city in America. Who wants to go to Florida, the rainiest state in the nation when you can vacation in the sunniest city in the US. The Albany site recommended Palm Springs as a good alternative to the Florida rain and bugs in the summer.

From May until September, that is my favorite time of the year in Palm Springs as the nights are long and you get lots of sunshine. And with our state of the art high pressure misting/cooling system poolside, you are always comfortable at our nudist resort no matter what the temperature.

Here's the story:

" Palm Springs Getaway

When the weather struggles to make up its mind this time of year, many people head to warmer climates where warm weather is guaranteed. A good alternative to the usual Florida flyaway is Palm Springs, California.

The months of April and May are ideal for perfect temperatures and constant sunshine. Expect sizzling temperatures come June and July. It's the desert! No lack of big resorts and golf courses here in Palm Springs...

Things to do in Palm Springs...

Try the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Huge rotating tram cars take you from the desert floor to the peak of Mount San Jacinto, 8516 feet! Temperatures drop 30 degrees so take a sweater...

Shopping in downtown Palm Springs can be fun with a variety of shops that are mostly found on North and South Palm Canyon Drive. The area is a bit 'touristy' but if you ask the locals where they go, you may find some nice surprises.

The best shopping can be found only minutes away on El Paseo in Palm Desert. This area has many upscale shops and art galleries and is considered the Rodeo Drive of the desert!

...Palm Springs is only one community in this part of the southern California desert. Others, within driving distance, include Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta and Palm Desert.

Public transportation is very limited and taxis are expensive. Rent a convertible at the airport and enjoy the desert sun. Getting around is very easy."

For the full story click here

Although they left off staying at our resort, ( didn't last year as they picked us as one of the 10 best nudist resorts in the world, the only place on the west coast that was honored), we are the most fun place to vacation at in Palm Springs.

So for nude and topless sunbathing give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Las Vegas swimming pools finally catching up to nudist resort pool

Our nudist resort, the Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa located in sunny Palm Springs, CA is a trend setter when compared to Las Vegas swimming pools.

Our swimming pool is a salt water pool. We converted it about 2 1/2 years ago. We were the 2nd hotel in the whole Palm Springs area to invest in a salt water pool.
1 1/2 years ago, we converted our jacuzzi to a salt water system. We were the very first hotel in the whole Palm Springs area to invest in a salt water jacuzzi.

When you are in a salt water pool or jacuzzi, the water is fantastic. You don't get all the chlorine itchiness that you get in pools that don't think enough of their guests comfort to invest in salt water systems. You will never want to go into another pool or jacuzzi again unless it is salt water. That is one of the reasons why most nudists list us as their most favorite nudist resort.

Even so called "natural" mineral water pools are required to use chlorine, other halogens like bromine, or if they care about their guests comfort like us, salt water systems to disinfect their pool and jacuzzi water. This is both a state and county requirement. No commercial pool can legally operate without disinfectant. So pools that have not converted to salt water systems are probably using itchy chlorine which everyone dislikes.

Why don't most hotels convert to salt water pools? It costs money in both the computer monitoring system and plumbing. For those hotels that have not gone salt water, obviously not spending money is more important to them than their guests comfort.

Las Vegas is finally catching up with our nudist resort. MGM Grand Hotel has finally converted 2 of their pools to salt water systems. They are "billed as unique on the strip."

Our guests have always said our nudist resort is the best value of all nudist resorts. We invested in a salt water pool, our guest love it, and now 2 1/2 years later Las Vegas is slowly following our trend. It is nice to see that Las Vegas hotels look to our nudist resort for innovation in poolside enjoyment.

Here's the story from USA Today:

"Stay cool in the latest Vegas hot spot

MGM Grand's Wet Republic has eight pools and VIP glitz.

Party pools are making a splash in Vegas, and here's the latest one:...

CITY GUIDE: More Las Vegas attractions

...There are eight pools (including two saltwater ones, billed as unique on the Strip) and a VIP area, but unlike some other hip Vegas dive-ins, no topless sunbathing..."

For the full article click here

We congratulate MGM Grand for slowly converting all of their pools to salt water. We know how expensive that investment is. And we congratulate MGM Grand for not trying to have a topless pool because they know there is no way they could compete with us for guest fun while topless or nude sunbathing.

If you want to have your best vacation ever in a state of the art salt water pool and jacuzzi, in Palm Springs's nicest nudist resort, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Last minute cancellation at The Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs

Hi everyone,

We had a last minute cancellation for a week starting on Saturday, April 19th until Saturday April 26th. You can book the week, or 1 or 2 days at a time. Give us a call at 800-786-6938 to make the reservation. We answer the phones from 8am-10pm PST.

The most frustrating thing is we have probably turned away 30 couples who were all repeat guests wanting to book a week then, and now instead of being able to stay here, they are stuck going somewhere else where they won't have us much fun like Florida or the Caribbean.

We are unique, we are not like typical hotels and resorts, we do not overbook. So when we have a last minute cancellation, it is very difficult to fill a room for the week as all of the guests we turned away have made other plans. they ae not sitting around hoping for a cancellation 3 days bofre their vacation starts.

The comment I was told by the person cancelling is "it's not my fault" and "you should be able to fill it, your popular." And my response was "you booked the room last year, do you normally take a 1 week vacation and only give your boss 3 days notice before leaving?' Of course the person just said, "well we still can't come and it's not my fault."

Many people think booking at small resorts is the same as booking at large Hyatts, Marriots, etc where they overbook and spend millions and millions on advertising bringing in new guests to cover last minute cancellations.

We don't overbook, and I don't want to start doing so, but it is very frustrating being honorable and having guests let you down and not be honorable and offer to pay for each night we can not fill because we made a commitment to them.

When someone cancels, it is their "fault" as they are the ones not honoring the commitment they made. If you or a family member has health issues, buy trip cancellation insurance when you book. It is not the resorts fault that something came up in your life. Mary Clare and I are going to Hawaii in October with my aging mother as she has always wanted to go there. We took out trip cancellation insurance. We would not expect the hotel to refund our stay if we cancelled 3 days before arrival. It is the responsible thing to do.

So anyway I hope you understand a little more how we run our business and why we ask for 2 weeks notice for cancellations, if you want a fun vacation next week where you can go nude or topless sunbathing, give us a call at 800-786-6938. We only have 1 room left so we are busy everytday of the week. Visit our site at Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Topless sunbathing at Barton Springs pool in Austin, Texas

Topless sunbathing is alive and well in Austin, Texas at the Barton Springs pool in Zilker Park.

I have never been to Austin, Texas although we have had many guests from Austin stay with us. They all say it is the best city in Texas to live in. Maybe because they can go topless sunbathing at their city pool.

I know about Hippy Hollow at Lake Travis, but I just learned about Barton Springs pool which is run by the Austin Parks and recreation department which acknowledges that women do go topless sunbathing there. Click here to see the parks and recreation department description of the pool and mentioning the topless sunbathing.

Here is the story that made me aware of Barton Springs pool:

"Austin TX Sites: Barton Springs Pool

...Heated to a constant 68 degrees, Austin´s Barton Springs Pool is a popular swimming hole that can be enjoyed year round. Located in Zilker Park, the pool is fed by water from the Main Barton Spring. Swimming during any season is allowed at the Barton Springs Pool, but costs a small fee in the summer months. With grassy picnic areas nearby and plenty of places to play and relax, Barton Springs is a must-see for every Austin visitor.

... In its current management by the city of Austin, the Barton Springs Pool provides an invigorating and refreshing way to cool off, exercise, hang out and relax. It has quickly evolved into a hangout place for young adults, but bathers of all ages will enjoy themselves at the Barton Springs Pool.

... Although the pool is billed as a family-friendly area, topless sunbathing is allowed at the pool and many patrons take advantage of that..."

I went to yahoo travel to see what it said about Barton Springs pool. Here are 2 comments:

"Don't take the KIDS!!!
By A Yahoo! Contributer, 07/01/06
The place is beautiful but DO NOT TAKE YOUR KIDS!!! There are a lot of trashy, naked people running around. I would love to visit the place with everyone FULLY CLOTHED. I, personally, will NOT go back. I do NOT care to see NUDE people. If I want to see someone naked I will ask my husband to take off his clothes, lol...

An oasis in the city!
By A Yahoo! Contributer, 06/14/06
It's such a nice, clean place. It's wonderful to swim in the natural water. Nudity is not allowed, but the Pool IS thong-friendly and topfree (topless is allowed). So, drop your burden at the gate and take a refreshing dip."

It is interesting reading the comments. One person is closed minded and using the time worn "save the kids" as an excuse for their own insecurities and body phobia. The other person says "drop your burden at the gate" because the pool is thong friendly and topless is allowed.

What is most interesting is the Austin Parks department runs the pool and allows topless sunbathing. Wouldn't it be nice if most American parks departments were as forward thinking as Austins?

Now if you don't want to go all the way to Austin, Texas to go topless sunbathing give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Thursday April 17th last day for Southwest airlines airfare sale

Nude sunbathers love staying at our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa located in sunny Palm Springs, CA in the summer. The nights are long and warm. Plus, the sun doesn't set until 8 or 9 pm depending on what month you are here. It is perfect nude sunbathing weather.

Palm Springs is the sunniest city in America. We average less then 3 inches of rain a year. Plus in the summer, we have low humidity and no mosquitoes which is perfect for nudists.

Southwest Airlines has a big airfare sale going on right now. It expires tomorrow Thursday April 17th. You must buy tickets 14 days in advance and fly by June 25th. Southwest flys into the Ontario, California airport.

click here for details

The tickets are from $49 to $99 one way and do have some restrictions.

May is already about 80% booked at our resort and June is about 60% booked. So now is the perfect time for you to plan to getaway in these months.

If you have always wanted to try topless or nude sunbathing, now is your chance.

Give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

We hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Nudist resorts are the epitome of happiness

Nudist resorts are the perfect vacations. These days life is very stressful. With work layoffs, worries about the economy, your kids, etc., it is tough staying happy. That is one of the reasons why guests vacation at nudist resorts to de-stress and get some fun back into their lives.

A guest sent me these words of wisdom about the epitome of happiness. Read this and it will help put your life into perspective:

"If you can start the day without caffeine,

If you can always be cheerful, ignoring aches and pains,

If you can resist complaining and boring people with your troubles,

If you can eat the same food every day and be grateful for it,

If you can understand when your loved ones are too busy
to give you any time,

If you can take criticism and blame without resentment,

If you can ignore a friend's limited education and never
correct her/him,

If you can resist treating a rich friend better than a poor friend,

If you can conquer tension without medical help,

If you can relax without liquor,

If you can sleep without the aid of drugs,

Then You Are Probably The Family Dog.... "

Those are words that Godiva our resort dog at The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa lives by and her friend Sailor the black lab retired seeing eye dog lives by.

If you are not a dog, then vacationing at nudist resorts is the epitome of hapiness.

And if you want your most fun, de-stressing, relaxingf vacation ever, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Naked Golf in Palm Springs anyone?

The 13th annual Terra Cotta Invitational Gold tournament starts Friday April 18th in Naples, Florida. They are not connected to us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa in sunny Palm Springs, CA except that we both have the name Terra Cotta.

We always have guests play golf while they are here. Unlike most nudist places that are only weekend getaways, our repeat guests come from around the world to vacation at our nudist resort although most guests are from the US, Canada, England, and Australia.

Palm Springs has more than 150 golf courses.

Now here is a challenge for some entrepreneur, start the first naked golf tournament. Palm Springs is the sunniest city in America. So Palm Springs would be the perfect location. Plus, The Terra Cotta Inn could be the headquarters hotel. remember the Pr that the german nude airline received? This would probably be just as big of a story.

So start contacting the golf courses in the Palm Springs area and we may yet see the very first naked golf tournament.

Here is the story about the Terra Cotta Invitational:

"The 13th annual Terra Cotta Invitational Golf Tournament will be held Friday through Sunday at Naples National Golf Club.

The format is three 18-hole rounds from Friday through Sunday.

Some of the top players this year include Buddy Marucci, the 2009 U.S. Walker Cup captain; Cory Whitsett, the current U.S. Junior Amateur champion; Peter Uihlein, the defending champion who just won the Florida Azalea Amateur and was the AJGA Player of the Year the past two years; Arnond “Bank’’ Vongvanij, the 2006 Terra Cotta champion; and Tim Jackson and Danny Green, both former U.S. Mid-Amateur champions.

Gary Nicklaus, Gregory Norman and Steve Irwin, sons of PGA stars are also playing...

Net proceeds from the tournament will benefit the Naples Neighborhood Health Clinic. The tournament has donated over $80,000 to local charities to date.

The public is welcome and there is no charge to come and watch some of the best amateurs in golf.

For the full story click here

And it you want a fun nudist resort where you can go topless or nude sunbathing, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Above is a picture of a friend of ours when she went miniture golfing while on vacation in Croatia. She is nice enough to let us use her photo.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Some "Newspapers" love to use nudity to sell the news

Here is a news story that made the cover of from The New York Post. This "important" newspaper covers all the major "news" stories that really affect Americans.

Here they are covering or should I say uncovering New Yorkers in the nude. I bet they also covered the major news event of the previous week like, what was really reflected in Dick Cheney's sunglasses. To them who cares about the war in Iraq, torture, the gigantic national debt, etc. They cover the important stories that Americans crave...nudity!

Now another New York publication wants to get the scoop on nude New Yorkers. Here's the story:

"Get Naked Between Bites

Time Out New York, home to the delicious Eat Out Awards and the equally consumed Julia Allison, is making its latest play for publicity: user-generated nakedness.

Because all attempts at cultural relevancy must include submissions from everyday folks and skin pics, TONY is asking New Yorkers to submit photos of themselves in some state of nudity. But there’s a caveat! No “aspiring actors, models, porn stars, etc.” Which means everybody below 23rd Street is disqualified.

And also: Time Out is now taking editorial cues from … the Post.

Time Out New York wants to see you naked. (Yes, really.) The mag wants to feature everyday New Yorkers (*not* aspiring actors, models, porn stars, etc.) looking their sexiest best in various states of undress. (How naked you get is negotiable, but some nudity is required.)...

For the full story, click here

And if you want to take a fun vacation where you can go topless or nude sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Trueisms - New rules for Modern life

I would like to thank one of our guests and readers for sending me these new trueisms of modern life.

I hope everyone enjoys reading them. They are pretty funn and "true."

1. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright, until you hear them speak.

2. A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well.

3. He, who laughs last, thinks slowest.

4. A day without sunshine is like ... night.

5. Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.

6. Those who live by the sword, get shot by those who don't

7 Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool

8. The new 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there's a 90% chance you'll get it wrong.

9. It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world from end-to-end, someone would be stupid enough to try to pass them.

10. If the shoe fits, get another one just like it.

11. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat all day long drinking beer.

12. Modern definition of a "Flashlight": A round case for holding dead batteries.

13. Shin bones have evolved into a special function. They are used for finding furniture in the dark.

14. Remember, if you ever go into court, you are putting yourself in the hands of twelve people, who weren't smart enough to get out of jury duty.

15. Palm Springs is the sunniest city in America. If you want to go nude or topless sunbathing, it is the city to vacation in.

If you want a fun vacation where you can go nude or topless sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Expressjet flys into the Ontario California airport

Repeat guests are already booking their summer vacations with us in sunny Palm Springs, CA.

I was just told about a new airline called Expressjet. It flys into the Ontario California airport just 70 miles from Palm Springs. It also flys into Long Beach just 110 miles away and San Diego just 140 miles away.

Summer is a beautiful time in Palm Springs. The evenings are nice and warm. We are the sunniest city in America, so you are almost guaranteed nice warm sunny weather everyday of your vacation.

Years ago, we invested in a state of the art poolside high pressure misting/cooling system. We just upgraded this system this spring. We now have the best poolside cooling system in all Palm Springs!

For a list of cities where Expressjet flies out of go to their site at

And if you want your best, most fun vacation wher eyou can go nude or topless sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you this summer in sunny Palm Springs!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Westjet 30% off summertime airfare sales to Southern California

Westjet has a 30% off sale for your the summertime vacations in Palm Springs.

In the summer, our resort The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa is very popular. We have guests from around the world including many Canadians take their vacations with us.

One of the reasons we are so popular in the summer, beside guests enjoying our hospitality, is Palm Springs is the sunniest city in America. We average less then 3 inches of rain a year. We can literally go all summer long without any rain. There are no other destinations in North America or the Caribbean that has nicer weather than Palm Springs.

Guests are already booking their summer vacations with us, so don't wait too long before booking.

Westjet stops flying into Palm Springs starting May 18th and does not resume service until November 2nd. So you will have to Fly to Los Angeles which is only 120 miles or 200km from here or to Las Vegas which is 280 miles away.

For the full details: click here

For your best, most fun vacation ever, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs this summer.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Edible Candy bras making buzz on the net

Our friends over at write about the latest buzz on the net.

One of their latest stories making buzz is edible candy bras. click here for the story

Mary Clare says it is much more fun going topless instead of having to wear a bra or a bikini top. Topless bikinis for instance are the norm at beaches in Europe.

If you want to have a fun vacation where you can go topless or nude sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nudist resorts as adult only getaways

Nudist resorts in America have always catered to families and the kids on the weekends.

We, The Terra Cotta Inn, were innovative when we opened as the very first nudist resort in the US that catered to couples on vacations back in 1994. And we are still the only one in the US to cater to couples on vacations.

We also mentioned that it was very romantic at our resort, as parents left their kids with the grandparents to have some quality time as husband and wife at our resort, instead of mom and dad.

You should have seen the sparks fly in the nudist industry when we opened. We were told how dare our nudist resort not follow the traditional approach of being just a weekend getaway for families and kids.

We were told by so called nudist leaders back then, that we were going to destroy American nudism with our "new" ideas. Worse, because we were customer service oriented, we were told by one so called "leader" in so many words: "how dare we cater to the customer. You should only provide a chair for your guests and never ever become friends with your customers, otherwise nudists will expect the same nice treatment when they go to other places and you will make the other places look bad."

Luckily those people are no longer in positions of power at AANR and TNS. The new AANR people now understand niche marketing and are pretty savvy.

However, to this day there are still some "pure" nudists that have never been here and that bad mouth us on internet forums as they say how dare we think we can compete with the clothing optional resorts in the Caribbean. And how dare we think we are a vacation resort, and how dare we call ourselves a nudist resort since we don't cater to kids. And finally we infuriate some "pure" nudists as we want women to feel comfortable at our resort and will actually will allow a woman to go topless sunbathing and use our pool topless. (Now all the women finally go nude once they feel comfortable), but we are still given grief that by allowing a woman to be topless, we are not "pure" nudists.

Of course the nudist resorts and nude beaches at resorts in the Caribbean are our biggest competition. And we normally beat them hands down.

For instance the article below mentions Couples resorts in the Caribbean. In an article in Lodging Magazine which is the industry magazine of the hotel industry, a number of years ago profiling Couples resorts, they mentioned they have one of the highest repeat guests rates in the travel industry at around 33 or 35% repeat guests. We are just over 75% repeat guests rate year round. The California hotel industry just awarded a bed and breakfast in our state with an award as they said they had the highest repeat guest rate in the California hotel industry at just over 55% repeats. Too bad they didn't check the California nudist industry hotels.

Anyway, it is nice to be vindicated, that resorts for couples are becoming more popular and again we are the leader in the industry where everyone else is playing catch up to us.

Too bad this Canadian newspaper didn't contact us for this story.

Here is the story:

"Destination: Resorts

Spice it up at adults-only resorts

More resorts are beginning to bill themselves as an adults-only getaway.

Afternoon poolside naps. Au naturel sunbathing. Romantic evenings. Quiet mornings. (Actually, make that quiet everything.) For singles or childless couples, there are countless reasons to choose an adults-only getaway.

And more and more resorts are beginning to bill themselves this way.

Typically it's a way for places to guarantee that their guests will get as much R&R (that's ROMANCE and relaxation) as they want, without the distractions or noise that kids automatically bring to the table...

Other resorts brand themselves as couples-only resorts from the outset...

Couples' primary goal is "to create emotional connections" -- in fact, it's on their mission statement. This makes it a great choice for dating twosomes who are looking to strengthen the bond...

Many all-ages resorts have begun to offer grownup getaway packages to meet consumer demand. A lot of these properties are very high-end and don't get a lot of kids anyway, which makes it easy for them to switch into adults-only mode on special occasions...

One concept that intrigues people as much as it confuses them is the nudist getaway. Nudism may seem racy just because we're culturally attuned to equate nudism with sex -- but in fact, it's actually a lifestyle choice. Do not make the mistake of thinking all nudist clubs are for swingers. As a quick glance at the American Association of Nude Recreation site will show you (see, that's far from the case. Many are for families...

"You strip away the clothing and the façade, and you get to know that person for who they really are," says Hawkins, a lifestyle nudist. She adds that the experience tends to be "very stress-free.

"It's usually the man who wants to go the first time, and the woman who wants to come back."

For the full story click here

And if you want your best vacation ever where you can go nude or topless sunbathing, give us a call The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Nudist and naturist resorts - weekend getaways or vacation resorts?

Nudist resorts are traditionally thought of by long time nudists and naturists in America as only weekend getaways.

I remember years ago as we were getting ready to open our resort, the head of the Naturist So ciety gave me some advice after I told him we would cater to couples on vacation. He said naturists never vacation at nudist resort in the US, they go to the Caribbean and Europe to vacation. I was told I was a dreamer to think someone would ever fly to our resort for a vacation or stay here for longer than a weekend. He told me find a place where I could pack in the people on Saturday nights otherwise I would not be successful and go out of business.

Our repeat guests are sure glad I didn't listen to his advice. The Terra Cotta Inn has very large hotel rooms and spacious grounds for a boutique nudist resort. We have repeat guests from around the world stay with us and have guests stay as short as one night midweek to over a month at a time. Our typical weekend guests are staying 4 nights or longer because they are taking vacations here.

The reasons I bring this up is another nudist resort in Palm Springs just closed on Monday. It is a shame for all of the people who had planned their weekends there and now have no where to go.

The phones have been ringing like crazy with their guests calling asking if we have rooms available for this Saturday night or next Saturday night. We are already full with vacationers who booked the week, not just Saturday night.

I tell the callers we are full and the next day we have available is we have 2 rooms left on Tuesday April 15th and 1 room left on the 16th. (You can see our daily availability if you scroll to the bottom of our home page )

The response I almost always get is " we don't want to go to your place midweek and be the only ones there." Even though the person was just told we only have 1 room left on April 16th, in their minds because we are an American nudist resort, they think no one will be here midweek, which is so untrue.

Now guests who I call nude vacationers (people who only go nude sunbathing on vacations) have never been caught up in the thinking that nudists don't take vacations in America like long time nudists and naturists think. Nude vacationers, especially first timers are the people that AANR is targeting with their nakations press release.

So American nudists and naturists, I would like to dispel the old wives tale that US nudist resorts are pretty empty on Sunday thru Thursday nights. Yes, at many campgrounds and at other nude reosrts it is true, but at well run nudist resorts like ours and Cypress Cove in Florida, we both are busy everyday of the week, so you don't have to come just on a weekend to have a great vacation at our clothing optional resort.

So whether you are an experienced nudist, naturist or nude beach goer, or this is your first time topless or nude sunbathing, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Americans are vacationing more than ever in the US

As the most popular nudist resort that caters to couples in the Western US, the value of the American dollar affects our business. When the dollar is strong many American guests go to Europe for their summer vacations. When the dollar is weaker, they take their summer vacations with us. Also we get a much larger influx of Europeans, Canadians, Australians, and New Zealanders in the summer.

This will probably be the busiest summer we will ever have had as the dollar is very weak and many guests who call have told us they are not going to Europe this year, but staying with us.

We are very popular in the summer as Palm Springs is the sunniest city in America. With our low humidity and no mosquitoes, it is a nudist paradise. Guests tell us they never go to Florida, Mexico, or the Caribbean in the summer as they don't want to risk having their summer vacations washed away by the tropical storms that those places places get in the summertime.

Here is a story about Americans and their European vacations:

"Hemingway haunt gives discounts to "poor Americans"

...Harry's Bar, the famed Venice watering hole where Ernest Hemingway held court over hearty food and stiff martinis, is offering a discount to "poor" Americans suffering from a weak dollar and subprime blues.

The decision by the owner of the restaurant ... underscores the growing concern about the weak dollar among tourism operators in Italy and elsewhere in Europe.

A sign posted outside the restaurant at the weekend reads:

"Harry's Bar of Venice, in an effort to make the American victims of subprime loans happier, has decided to give them a special 20 percent discount on all items of the menu during the short term of their recovery."

When the euro was introduced as the continent's common currency in 2002, a dollar bought about 1.10 euros. Today it gets about 64 euro cents, making prices seem astronomically high for most Americans.

"Since the start of January, we noticed a drop in (American) customers of between five and 10 percent and now that we are in April its looks really frightening," Arrigo Cipriani, 76, Harry's owner, told Reuters by phone from Venice on Monday.

ENIT, Italy's national tourism board, said in a report this month that the "strong devaluation of the dollar compared to the European currency and signs of a recession are currently the greatest obstacle to American tourism toward Europe."

For the full story click here

So if you too don't want to pay outrageous prices in Europe this summer, give us, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938.

Visit our site at

To learn more about the beautiful city of Palm Springs visit our city site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

German naturist flight might be grounded this summer

Germans by nature are naturists especailly in the summer. They say 1 in 7 Germans vacation at naturist resorts every year. This statistic doesn't include how many more Germans vacation at nude beaches at regular textile resorts or how many nude sunbathe in parks, at their houses or apartments, etc.

A German Naturist travel agency planned a flight this summer where everyone would take off their clothes while the plane was in flight. The news was reported world wide.

Well it appears that the airline is getting nervous.

Here is the story"

"German nudist flight could be grounded

A planned and much publicized charter flight for nudists from the town of Erfurt to the Baltic Sea island of Usedom might not take place after all. The carrier appears to have gotten cold feet.

...The flight was sold out almost immediately.

But according to a newspaper report, the Ostfriesische Luftransport air carrier has gone back on their pledge to provide one of their airplanes for the flight.

"The carrier apparently got cold feet due to the intense public interest," Enrico Heß from told the Ostthüringer Zeitung newspaper...

For the full story click here

Naturists in the US have such a hard time finding fun things to do in the nude. Europe has always been naturist friendly. So when you read of a German airline getting nervous about having a charter flight for naturists, it is sad if it doesn't happen, as most American nudists look up to Europeans as to how the world could be a better place if America was much more comfortable with nudity like Europeans.

I guess even some Europeans aren't quite that comfortable with nudity either.

Now if you want you best, most fun vacation ever where you can go nude or topless sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

why are so many laws so strange in Florida?

I guess there are sites where teenagers model in lingerie and bathing suits and strike poses that members of the Florida assembly find too sexually stimulating. I have better things to do with my time than to google them, so let's assume the Florida state house is right and these sites do exist.

The problem is going to be the language of the law and will big government use it to go after innocent people.

For instance, Florida's State Rep Mark Foley liked teenage boys. Would he find the pose above by Bart Simpson to sexually exciting?

I am against anything that sexually exploits minors. I think people that do that are disgusting.

However, with America's obsession with "protecting our children" where does that leave the Bill of Rights and Freedom of speech?

I think this bill is one of the most unenforceable bills if it passes.

What is defined as a sexy pose?

Remember the 1976 movie Taxi Driver? Jodie Foster played a 12 year old prostitute in that movie. The movie was up for 4 Oscar nominations. Reading this bill, pictures of Jodie Foster in her "get up" would be illegal on the web.

I understand that the Florida assembly wants to protect children from the Mark Foley's of the world, but don't trash the Bill of Rights to do it.

Here's the story:

"Teen Modeling Bill Passes House

BROOKSVILLE - A bill sponsored by state Rep. Rob Schenck aimed at cracking down on teen modeling sites unanimously passed the House on Wednesday.

The bill, HB 559, aims to help prosecutors go after producers of materials that, under the guise of legitimate modeling businesses, produce photos of scantily-clad minors striking suggestive poses.

The trend has been especially evident on the Web, said Schenck, R-Spring Hill.

"This is a bill that was very important to me as a parent and a legislator," he said. "These are young kids who are put in harm's way, and to be able to stop this sort of behavior feels good and is why the system exists."

The bill makes it a third-degree felony to distribute such materials. It states that defendants cannot plead ignorance to a minor's age, and the minor's consent cannot be used as a defense.

... Lawmakers worried that the material is technically considered protected speech because, though the minors are shown wearing as little as lingerie and G-strings, they do not expose their genitalia or engage in sex acts...

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Canadian newspaper has good advice for nubie nudists

As the only nudist resort in the western US that caters to couples on vacations, we have a lot of Canadians stay with us. We have had guests from all 10 provinces and the 3 territories. Yes, even from Nunavut.

For instance, tonight of our 17 rooms, 8 are occupied by Canadians. 3 couples from BC, 3 couples from AB (two Calgary and one Edmonton) and 2 couples from ON.

We love Westjet. It has really opened the Canadian market to us. We have always been the only nudist resort that catered to Canadians and now with Westjet flying here everyday of the week, you always here the unique way Canadians pronounce "out" and "about" at our nudist resort.

The Globe and Mail which is sort of like a cross between USA Today and the Wall Street Journal just had a story about 1 couple learning their friends were nudists.

We like the Globe and Mail as they we the 2nd Canadian publication that carried a story about our resort way back in 1995.

Here's the story:

"We've discovered our friends are nudists

...My wife and I have been very close friends with another couple for more than 30 years. We are all in our late 50s. We have shared and supported each other through the births of our children, the deaths of our parents, health crises and career changes. But over the past three years they started spending weekends away in a small trailer.

Being curious, and based on cumulative facts gleaned over time, we Googled some of their camping locations. It seemed our friends had become naturists ... nudists. Then we saw their picture in a naturist magazine. Now, we are not prudes - skinny-dipping is not foreign to us. Our problem is that it seems our friends have decided to move on to a new chapter of their lives without including us. Do we tell them we know or do we simply ignore the whole thing and hope they will eventually take us into their confidence?

The answer

...there's such a thing as taking a hint. And it does appear, at first blush, your friends are kicking you to the hamper like yesterday's boxers.

...He said you shouldn't take your friends' secretiveness personally. They're probably just nervous about your judgment.

Naturism is about many things, he says, including equality: "When you're naked you can't express your feelings of social superiority over others through your clothing."

But when most people think of nudist clubs or societies (don't say "colonies," they don't like that any more: it sounds too much like a cult), they tend to think (or maybe this is mostly me) of alfresco sex; unbidden, total giveaway erections; and not knowing where to look when you're talking to someone.

(Personally, if I were a nudist and a hot woman, I'd get a tattoo on the upper part of my left breast, saying: "If you're reading this, you're probably not listening to me. Shall I repeat what I just said?")

There's still a stigma attached to it, and Mr. Deschênes said a lot of naturists find it hard (cough cough, sorry) to tell old friends about their new clothing-optional lifestyles.

He says he didn't tell a lot of people at first. When friends found out after he appeared on a cable TV talk show extolling the virtues of doffing your duds, many asked him: "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because it wasn't like I'd taken up golf and could ask them, 'Hey why don't you play a few rounds with me?' " he says.

It's a ticklish thing and continues to be ticklish at times. He says to this day when people invite him to pool parties they sometimes nervously ask him if he plans to, you know - that is, if he wouldn't mind wearing a suit, please.

But he says that, especially if your friends have contributed to a naturist magazine, they're probably quite passionate about it. And he predicts that if you approach them, "you probably won't be able to get them to shut up about it."

In all likelihood, they'll feel a huge sense of relief, and be more than happy to welcome you into the fold, should you so desire.

So yes, I would say: doff your reticence, approach your friends and whip out your knowledge of the new direction their lives are taking. Just say you saw them in the magazine and start talking about that. If you wind up nudists - well, I have to say it sounds like a fun way to spend your weekends. Send me a postcard.

...If you approach them with open hearts and minds, I predict you will soon be a happy foursome once again, perhaps playing nude gin rummy in the sun.

If you do go that route, one last note, courtesy of Mr. Deschênes: Naturists love being nude, they love playing basketball and frolicking in the buff, but they're practical about it, too. They understand the need for clothing as protection: "I like to tell people," he says, 'Wear an apron when you're arc-welding or frying bacon.' "

For the full story click here

We have one of the highest occupancy rates of ALL hotels in Palm Springs. Only the Indian casino hotel is busier than our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional reosrt and spa. And until I become a full Indian (I am only just about 5% Canadian Sioux, as long as we don't have a casino, we will never be busier than them.

We have one of the highest repeat guest srates in the whole travel industry at just over a 75% repeat guest rate which is fantastic for a vacation resort. Lodging Magazine which is the major travel magazine of the hotel industry says that the typical vacation resort averages around a 12% repeat guest rate. If you are a good resort, you will have a repeat guest rate of 15%. Superclubs which is the Grand Lido and Hedonism boast that they have a 35% repeat guest rate, which is the highest in the Caribbean, so a 75% repeat rate with guests from around the world is pretty spectacular.

However, word of mouth is terrible for our resort. Most of our guests are what we call nude vacationers. We are the only place they go nude sunbathing. Although they love our resort, they would never, ever tell friends that they are nudists. And since they would never stay at another nudist resort, they will never meet other nudists to say how much they love vacationing at our resort.

That seems to be the story her in the Globe and Mail.

So you are more than welcome to book at our resort and you never, ever have to tell your friends that you just had your best vacation ever at our resort.

Give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday April 4th is available at Terra Cotta Inn in sunny Palm Springs, CA

Hi, The room is now booked. To find our last minute availability, always go to and scroll to the bottom of the page. We always print up to date last minute availability for the next 2 weeks. Hop eeveryone has a great weekend. We are here in Palm Springs with our beautiful weather.

Hello everyone.

This has been a very busy spring here at The Terra Cotta Inn. We have been selling out almost everyday of the week.

We are popular because we cater to couples on vacation, so we have guests from around the world that stay here, although most guests come from the US, Canada, England, and Australia.

We just got a call from one of our guests who is driving here from Washington who was supposed to be arriving today. Unfortunately they will not arrive until tomorrow, so we have tonight Friday April 4th available.

So you can arrive as early as 10am today and stay all the way until 5pm tomorrow. The weather is beautiful. We are in the mid 80's and sunny.

We rarely have rooms available last minute on weekends, so this is your perfect opportunity to getaway to spend 2 days and 1 night in the sun. The rate is only $169 and includes complementary breakfast and afternoon snacks.

Give us a call at 800-786-6938 to make reservations.

And for future vacations, visit our site at To learn more about the beautiful city of Palm Springs visit

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

People still open naked Scarlett Johansson and naked Shakira spam e-mails

Nudist websites are very popular with people looking at them. They have lots of traffic. Although lots of people look at nudist websites, that does not always translate into people trying nude recreation for the first time.

Although we have had people tell us that they had looked at our blog and websites hundreds of times before they finally got up the courage to book, I am sure there are even more people who look at nudist websites just to see naked pictures.

For instance a site says people still fall for the naked Scarlett Johannsson and naked Shakira spam virus e-mail.

Here is the story:

"Is a naked Scarlett Johansson enough to entice you into opening junk email?

Scarlett Johansson spills boobs, viewer gets Trojan

We've all seen the emails throughout the years, but are people still falling for the age-old trick?

According to PandaLabs, an international virus research network, its malware analysis and detection laboratory has found that a series of junk emails are promising erotic pictures of celebrities Scarlett Johansson, Shakira and Rihanna as bait to help spread the Agent.IMB Trojan.

The emails, said to carry subject titles such as "naked Shakira clip", "Rihanna exposed" and "Scarlett Johansson spills boobs", include a link which when clicked, downloads the Trojan to the users computer.

Panda Security states that although this method of virus-spreading is nothing new, it must be proving to remain highly effective as many cyber-crooks are still using the same traps to lure unsuspecting, and dare we say it, horny users.

..."Although malware dynamics have largely changed towards financial gain in recent months sensational headlines and pictures of celebrities are often used by malware creators to distribute malicious codes. This is a surprisingly effective technique especially when it comes to celebrity baits..."

The power of naked pictures on the internet is a very powerful enticer to get people to open websites and e-mails. If only we could convince these people that it is more fun to vacation at nudist resorts and nude beaches.

Now for your best vacation ever where you can go topless or nude sunbathing, give us, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Terra Sol Nudist resort is not related to The Terra Cotta Inn

Yesterday, I wrote about a nudist resort named Terra Sol that announced plans to build some day out into the future in Florida. They have not received county approval yet.

I received a number of e-mails asking if our resort, The Terra Cotta Inn was a partner or involved in this nudist resort.

The answer is NO. We do not know the people. Further, Mary Clare was born in Tampa, FL. It rains too much in Florida. It averages over 60 inches of rain a year being the rainiest state in the nation. The only reason Florida is called the sunshine state was due to the tourism authorities in the 70's trying to come up with an advertising slogan to convince people to take their vacations in the rainiest state in the US. They figured Americans are gullible and do not know geography, so they can easily be fooled into believing the rainiest state is the sunshine state.

We would not open a nudist resort in Florida as I don't think the weather is sunny enough year round and nudists love the sunshine.

So no, we are not connected to the Terra Sol venture, and no I do not know the reason why they are using that name "Terra" except I have a gut feeling that since we have one of the best reputations in nudism in the world, they bet many people would mistakenly think we are connected with that development as some people already seem to be.

And if you want to take a vacation where you can go nude or topless sunbathing at the real Terra Cotta Inn, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Palm Springs one of the 10 best travel destinations

Palm Springs has been in the news again.

One of our guests called me today when they booked their reservation and said I must really be happy with the article at where they picked Palm Springs as one of the 10 bet travel destinations yesterday. I asked the guest if Palm Springs was one of the 10 best in the world, the US, for spring break, summer vacations, or anything else? The guest said no they just glanced at the article and it reminded them to call and book their summer vacation here they really don't remember.

So anyway, Palm Springs was one of the 10 best vacation destinations on yesterday for some reason. If anyone saw that article, could you e-mail me at and let me know what it was about as I can not find it on

And if you want to topless or nude vacation in Palm Springs which is a wonderful city, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Palm Springs recommended by Atlanta newspaper

Palm Springs is the hottest travel destination. We have guests from around the world vacation here year round.

One of the major reasons why Palm Springs is so popular is we are a desert and average only 3 inches of rain a year. Compared to Florida where it averages over 60 inches of rain a year it is no wonder why people are rediscovering Palm Springs.

Also Palm Springs is a bargain. you will notice this article in Atlanta's newspaper is under budget traveler.

Guests who stay at our resort always tell us we are the best value of all nudist resorts they have ever stayed at.

Here's the story:


It's time to visit Palm Springs, Calif.

On my short list of great spots for long weekends is Palm Springs, Calif. I find deserts irresistibly fascinating. so I could visit year-round. Understandably, some travelers prefer to visit during only three seasons. No one can deny that spring is the loveliest in the desert for the wildflower and cactus color show and perfect temps for touring...

What you'll see in Palm Springs

Ultra-hip Palm Springs is known for some of the most retro-cool hotels and motel-style properties in the nation. Think about a place where Dean, Frankie, and Sammy hung out after Vegas gigs and you get an idea of the vibe that still can be felt here... [My note, The Terra Cotta Inn is also a midcentury desert modern resort. And Frank Sinatra did stay at our resort many times with his buddy Bob Hope].

...When it's time to really chill out, ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway where the temperatures are usually a reliable 70 degrees and where the sky is that perfect shade of clear blue. When you reach the fresh air at the top of the peaks, hit the hiking trails for your nature fix. Adult tickets for the round-trip is $21.95.

Palm Springs, with its miles of palm-lined canyons and waterfalls, blends the old west with Indian, Mexican and Western cultures. Outside of fine dining, museums, shopping and a fab nightlife, Palm Springs is noted to be the 'Golf Capital of the World' with more than 120 championship courses.

Try to include a Thursday night stay to enjoy the Village Fest, held from 6-10 p.m. October-May in the heart of downtown on Palm Canyon Drive between Arenas and Amado streets. This certified Farmers Market features arts, crafts, musicians, live entertainment and fresh foods.

Don't miss a visit to the more than one million acres of recreational park grounds which make up Joshua Tree National Park. Open year-round, this fantastic landscape of sculpted granite and unique wildlife is one of Mother Nature's finest. It's an ideal spot for car tours, hiking, and rock climbing. It's located less than an hour's drive outside of Palm Springs.

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And if you want to have your best, most fun relaxing vacation where you can go nude or topless sunbathing, give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!