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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Is it time for a Nakation? AANR says yes! says it is time for a nakation.

There is a popular website called It is a travel website called "View from the Wing. Putting a little thought into a lot of travel."

Their Alexa number for this week is 101,000 which means it is estimated to be in in the top 100,000 most popular websites of the world. My blog is only in the 540,000 range which is still a very popular site.

AANR must have just put out a press release encouraging people to take a nakation as it was reported at this site.

Here is what they reported:

"Time for a Nakation?
I get several pitches a day from various PR hacks looking to place a story for a cleint. Most of the time I ingore them. Occasionally I ridicule them. But once in a while I simply reproduce a portion of their email verbatim.

The latest travel buzzword to appear in our lexicon comes from the
50,000 members of the American Association for Nude Recreation
( and the word is: Nakation.

AANR defines a Nakation (pronounced like vacation) as: v. to take a
clothing optional vacation, esp. away from home for pleasure and
recreation. n. the part of your vacation you’ll brag to friends about...

for the full artilce click here

I hope that word catches on. Sometimes a cute, catchy phrase or word can really make it into the mainstream lexicon. A perfect example is to "google" something meaning to search for it on the net. You don't say I will yahoo it or aol it. So who knows maybe people will say taking a "nakation" sounds pretty cool.

What is encouraging is seeing mainstream sites report nude recreation stories as matter of fact or in a positive light. It means we have come a long way in being accepted.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! It's all about a great nakation!

What next,

Looks like our clothes-free lifestyle is taking the world by storm... We can only hope America will follow suit!

Great blog.

Tom Mulhall said...

We can only hope America follows "Birthday suit."