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Sunday, January 20, 2008

South Africa has many nude beaches and nudist resorts

We have a couple here at The Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs right now from South Africa. We have many guests from around the world that stay at our resort.

Many people do not realize that nude and topless beaches are quite popular in South Africa.

There is a real nice article that just came out today about naturism in South Africa.

Here it is:

"Get your kit off

Look around the office. Now imagine that everyone is naked. Giggle. Go on, you know you want to. Nudity is, after all, pretty funny — things jiggle, wobble and sag. Yip, cellulite is real and few people possess the improbable anatomical proportions of Barbie and Ken.

That being said, clothes are pretty funny too. Slaves to arbitrary fashion trends, we squeeze into unreasonably tight jeans, totter around in stilettos and sweat it out in three-piece suits. Not to mention all that highly impractical underwear.

Naturists (cue more giggling) tend to be of the opinion that — weather permitting — it is better to be free of the shackles of clothing. Concealment, for some, is simply not a valid enough reason for wearing clothes.

...South African Naturist Federation, which serves as an organisation for like-minded individuals, acknowledges that the lifestyle still carries a bit of a stigma, but reminds visitors to the website that “there is nothing lewd, crude or distasteful about the unclothed body.”

The rest of the article then tells readers where to go in South Africa.

For the full article click here

Above is a picture of Charlize Theron who is probably South Africa's most famous nude beach vacationer.

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