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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

American Idol, nude photo shoots and Antonella Barba

It is funny to hear Hugh Hefner talking common sense about nudity and sexuality in America. I guess as you get older you get more mature.

Here Hef was discussing the disclosure that Antonella Barba, one of the contestants on American Idol, shot a nude photo shoot before she got on the show and someone leaked it.

Her nudity has nothing to do with her singing. In Hollywood actresses play nude scenes and get Academy Awards. So get over it and vote for Babra if you like her singing.

And a picture of her covered with roses is no different then the scene in American Beauty. And topless sunbathing with a girlfriend is very normal for young women. I hope American idol fans are mature and ignore this so called controversy.

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'Idol' chatter dominates Playboy bash
Posted 2/28/2007

by William Keck, USA TODAY
HOLMBY HILLS, Calif — More and more, it seems, the pasts of young reality star hopefuls are threatening their shots at stardom. American Idol contestant Antonella Barba, 20, has become the latest to don the scarlet letter as photos of her with her top dropped have led to speculation that the Fox network may drop her.
Hugh Hefner, who knows a thing or two about nudity in photos, calls such condemnation "hypocritical and dumb."

At a party Tuesday night at his Playboy Mansion to celebrate the third-season premiere of his E! reality show, The Girls Next Door (Sunday, 10 p.m. ET/PT), Hefner said, "I think in America we have a very strange attitude toward sexuality and nudity, and it makes no real sense."

...Hef was soon joined by Ryan Seacrest, producer of E!'s newest reality series, Paradise City, which makes its debut right after Hef's show and focuses on singles trying to make it in Las Vegas. The Idol host, along with show judges Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell, were among the very few men allowed into Hefner's inner sanctum.

Cowell believes photos showing nudity should not be grounds for dismissal. "These people haven't done anything illegal; that's their private life," he stressed. He believes that the racy photos of Barba should "not affect her standing on the show, and if the public wants to keep her in, they'll keep her in." (Barba performs with the remaining female singers on Wednesday's show; two men and two women will be eliminated Thursday.)

"Nobody's clean in the entertainment business," seconded Jackson, recalling Frenchie Davis, who was famously booted from Idol in Season 2 when it was revealed that she had worked for an adult website. "There are definitely some moral things that go on with this show."

It is the morals of the person who leaked the Barba photos that Seacrest finds most repugnant. "It's just tacky, disgusting," said Seacrest. "You've got a girl who's trying to make it on a show where she needs a vote, and someone's trying to tear that away from her."

Though he said he had not yet seen the photos, Seacrest added that he would "absolutely let (Barba) stay on. If American Idol is a true representation of American youth, we're going to find imperfections. And it's OK to be imperfect."

Nude Photo Workshop in Palm Springs May 6th to 11th

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February 27th, 2007

Palm Springs Photo Festival May 6th-11th, 2007

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Our Workshops take advantage of the unique surroundings of Palm Springs, California, known for it’s mid-century modernist architecture (Architecture Photography with Juergen Nogai), desert and oasis wilderness (The Desert Landscape with Robert Glenn Ketchum), the unique Korakia Pensione and other wonderful locations for our Outdoor Conceptual Portrait & Nude Workshop (Japan’s Grand Master Eikoh Hosoe), and The Fine Art Nude Workshop with Jock Sturges. We offer most of our workshops as four day classes, and attendees are welcome to move from one class to another should they desire. Several interesting one-day classes are offered on the Documentary Photo Essay (Antonin Kratochvil) and Documentary Photography (Colin Finlay) and a fabulous portrait lighting class with Michael Grecco.
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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Naked parties at colleges

I remember back to the 1970's. My wife and I and friends would go skinny dipping in the summer time at a lake close to the Univ of Illinois in Champaign.

Well I guess times are a litle more sophisticated and people actually organize naked parties especially on the east coast.

The writer here really nails down the whole idea of nude recreation. It is not about sex, but freedom. You feel much healthier once you separate the idea that the naked body is for anything else but sex.

I wish for him and all the other students that go to naked parties to have a nice relaxing, fun time.

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"Nude in the News

Eryk Salvaggio

Issue date: 2/26/07 Section: Style
The whole world is abuzz about collegiate nudity. The New York Times recently ran an article about so-called "Naked Parties" at Yale University. The trend has made it to Maine as well, reaching Bowdoin and - for all I know - the University of Maine.

The basic gist of the party is self-explanatory. Someone throws a party, usually off campus, where nudity is a requirement. They are free of coercion and pressure but open to all body types. Commenting on your own or other peoples' nudity is forbidden unless you're commenting on a tattoo. At Bowdoin, which faces a winter as unforgiving to naked flesh as Orono, a changing room ensures that no one risks frostbite in places that defy explanation. In the room, typical party activities go on like normal, though with dimmer lighting. Students play beer pong and card games and desperately attempt not to glance down.

Naked parties defy the stereotypes of those "Girls Gone Wild" bacchanals cable television outlets force-feed us in between "Daily Show" reruns. The Naked Party view of nudity is actually healthier than most of the body-image messages people typically have to endure.

"I think a lot of people feel much more comfortable with and confident about their bodies and feel very liberated after attending a naked party," Bowdoin senior Anna Troyansky, a founder of the Bowdoin naked party phenomenon, explained in a December interview with The Bowdoin Orient.

Comfort and confidence are the name of the game. Far from being about sex, the Naked Party is truly about "sexy," a condition that comes after figuring out your body is just as awkward and strange as anyone else's. You'll never get that sort of realization from television or movies, where everyone glows with the gorgeous radiance of the never-strange and seldom-awkward. Insecure women and porn-damaged boys hold on to this mythology of the perfect human form, but in a roomful of naked strangers that myth dissolves rather quickly.

Naked events aren't just for college students. Just ask the experts, Old Town's Bare Nekkid Mainers. According to a report in the Bangor Daily News, the nudists have over 30 members on their Naked Bowling team. Hessa, an organizer for the event who goes only by her first name, clarified to the Bangor Daily that "there's no sexual overtones in any way," which is something Naked Bowling and Naked Parties have in common. But why?

Could it be that the secret to a healthy body image is to separate the naked body from "sexual overtones?" In our culture, it is hard to imagine nudity serving anything but a highly sexualized purpose. People get naked when it's time to do the deed, and then get dressed. The naked body has very little time to hang out - no pun intended.

Whether or not bodies are useful or attractive in the bedroom seems to be the only criteria we have, even for ourselves. As a result, everyone is suspicious and resentful of the perfect bodies we presume are lurking beneath other people's layers of clothing. Taking sex out of the picture, a person can take an objective look at his or her body, finally seeing it for him or herself instead of through the eyes of sexual rejection or acceptance. What would happen if we looked at our naked bodies in a nonsexual way? For example, might it draw attention to the plight of North Canadian seal cubs?

You read that right. French figure-skating champion Surya Bonaly announced her plans to skate in the nude in hopes of drawing attention to the baby seals. This comes just a month or so after the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals released a video online of a young woman stripping off every stitch of clothing while discussing PETA's 2007 plans and animal abuse statistics. Public nudity as an attention getter was getting a bit old, but these campaigns bring it firmly into elderly dementia.

With anything sexual, comfort is priority No. 1. To begin exploring any part of it, self-confidence and self-awareness are key. As long as nudity is always tied in with sex, it will also open up all sorts of potential for sexual harassment at the hands of the people who just don't get it. Ultimately, that's what we're afraid of - not the nudity itself, but revealing the deep dark secret that our bodies aren't the super-toned revelations of raw sexual energy we think they're supposed to be. Naked parties declare the secret loud and clear: you aren't alone there, friend."

Town Council Candidate in Florida refuses to speak at nudist resort

What is it about Florida politicians? First you have Mark Foley wanting to stop nudist resorts from allowing children at them. Then we learn he is a pedophile.

Now a City council candidate refuses to go to a candidate forum at a nudist resort because "of both family and religious concerns." She says, "I just didn't feel comfortable bringing my children there," she said. "It would be opening a dialogue that I wouldn't know how to present to them."

Ms. Vorsteg, you are a parent. You live in South Florida with the largest legal nude beach in America. You live by South Beach which is the largest topless beach in America. Maybe it is time that you explain to your children that there is nothing wrong with nude sunbathing.

Now what makes this such an interesting issue is Ms. Vorsteg is also under a cloud from her husband pleading guilty to drug possession 3 years ago. Federal DEA agents even said it looked like one of the rooms in her house was used to grow marijuana.

Hmmm, you have religious concerns about going to a nudist resort? But, it is OK to grow marijuana at home? Lady, nudist resorts are LEGAL. Growing marijuana is NOT legal. You don't condone the nudist lifestyle, yet your own husband has been convicted twice for drugs? Ms. Vorsteg, I think you need to re-evaluate your moral compass.

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Nudity more than she can bear
By Stephanie Horvath
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Posted February 27 2007

Loxahatchee Groves · For one Town Council candidate, a forum at a nudist resort is more than she can bare.

Sunsport Gardens Family Naturist Resort, a 40-acre nudist resort in Loxahatchee Groves, is hosting a public candidate forum Thursday for the council hopefuls. Its owner, Morley Schloss, said nine of the new town's 10 candidates have confirmed they'll attend.

Schloss, who's owned the 42-year-old resort since 2001 and been an active member of the Loxahatchee Groves Land Owners Association, said the 100 resort residents want a chance to share their concerns with the candidates.

And while people might be strolling the grounds in the buff, resort General Manager Rebecca Enrico said it's possible no one will be naked at the forum.

"Ninety percent of nudists will not go out of their way to be nude in an environment that might make others uncomfortable," she said. "They don't want to offend anyone."

Still, Seat 1 candidate Toni Vorsteg has opted out, pointing to both family and religious concerns.

Vorsteg, a catechism teacher at Our Lady Queen of the Apostles Catholic Church in Royal Palm Beach, has brought her 18-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son to all the candidate forums. She said concerns about bringing her children to the resort combined with concerns about violating a moral oath she signed with her church when she started teaching catechism will keep her away from Thursday's forum. It's the third of four candidate forums in Loxahatchee Groves.

"I just didn't feel comfortable bringing my children there," she said. "It would be opening a dialogue that I wouldn't know how to present to them. I don't take them to nude beaches so why, for the sake of a campaign, would I go somewhere I've never been before?"

Schloss said he doesn't think Vorsteg has to worry about bringing her children. The resort focuses on family activities, forbids overtly sexual behavior, doesn't serve alcohol and is hosting a children's camp in June. A Baptist minister comes out on Sundays to lead services.

"Everything that goes on here is appropriate for children," Schloss said Monday while sitting naked, except for a string of blue beads. About 15 feet away a small group of children and teens played nude in the pool under a sign reading "Nude bathing only." "Here is the least sexual environment I can imagine."

Other candidates said they had no qualms about speaking to a partially nude audience.

"They've got concerns and I think they should be listened to. We've got an eclectic community with a lot of different characters," Vorsteg's opponent Dave Autrey said. "It's a personal thing and I think people should be careful about passing judgment."

Seat 3 candidate Harold Murphy also said he wasn't squeamish about speaking at the nudist resort.

"It's unusual but they've called for it," he said. "It doesn't bother me either way."

Vorsteg said she wasn't worried about her absence hurting her campaign. And she has no problem with Sunsport's existence.

"I don't want to impress on anyone that I condone this lifestyle. But I don't want to bash it either," Vorsteg said. "They have a right to do what they do. But my children wouldn't go there and I wouldn't go there."

Loxahatchee Groves candidate plagued by drug woes of husband
By Mitra Malek

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Friday, February 16, 2007

LOXAHATCHEE GROVES — The tainted history of a local man is tripping the town council candidate to whom he's married.

Three years ago, Stan Vorsteg pleaded guilty to marijuana possession on the Loxahatchee Groves property he and his wife, Seat 1 council candidate Toni Vorsteg, own and live on.

...Toni Vorsteg on Thursday twice refused comment but eventually said what happened back then had nothing to do with her or her husband. She said the criminal incident was unfortunate and embarrassing.

"I've moved beyond it," said Toni Vorsteg, 42. "It was in the past."

Agents from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office found 153 grams of marijuana, two bongs, rolling papers and five OxyContin pills in September 2003 at Folsom Farms, the Vorsteg couple's home and nursery, according to a police report.

Agents also said a room in the house they searched looked like it had been used to grow marijuana.

During the search, Stan Vorsteg reportedly told one of the agents the marijuana was his. He also told the agent that he and family members had previously cultivated marijuana but not anymore, according to the report.

Toni Vorsteg said law enforcement found the drugs and paraphernalia in the 15-acre nursery's guesthouse, which had been used by a family member on her husband's side.

"It wasn't my husband's," she said.

State records show that Stan Vorsteg, 46, served two years' probation for cocaine possession while he was in his early 20s.

On a different occasion he was charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana but pleaded guilty to a lesser offense.

Toni Vorsteg doesn't have a criminal record.

Dave Autrey, who is challenging Vorsteg for Seat 1, said he finds it hard to believe Toni Vorsteg had no idea what was going on.

"It was in their house," said Autrey, 49.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Who's going to protect our kids from the nutty librarians?

What's the saying, if you are a frustrated writer, you become a book critic? Well some librarians must really be frustrated.

I agree with this columnist, what is all this "protect the kids" hoohaa about. Protect kids from what, stupid adults?

Look at the statue of the woman above, it is proudly shown at a beach in France. The statue of Michelangelo's David is in the art museum in Florence, Italy. There is a life sized replica of it right outside the museum as you walk in. That means every single little kid going into the art museum will see David in all his naked glory.

This is from a country where in a recent survey 70% of Italians said they would nude sunbathe if others did too.

And guess what. Italy has a lower teenage pregnancy rates than the US. Maybe seeing David and people topless and nude sunbathing at the beach, means nudity is not that big of a deal.

Many school libraries in the US still won't stock Tom Sawyer and Catcher in the Rye. They censor what our kids can read to "protect them." Obviously they aren't educating them.

Who's going to protect us from the nutty librarians?

I thought the Minutemen form Concord fought against the British because we were oppressed? Maybe it is time that they came back.

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Uh, can you really say that?
Language in kids' book creates quite a 'hoohaa'

By Katy Burns
Monitor columnist
February 25. 2007 10:00AM

It's hard to imagine a more placid literary pool than the world of children's books. And it's even harder to imagine books more admired than those selected each year for the American Library Association's prestigious Newbery Medal, awarded to "the most distinguished American children's book published the previous year."

That was the case, anyway. Until word got out about author Susan Patron's The Higher Power of Lucky, the latest Newbery recipient. It seems that on the very first page of the book, its 10-year-old heroine, Lucky Trimble, is eavesdropping when she hears another character remark that his dog was bitten by a rattlesnake on - avert your eyes here, children! - his scrotum.

Yes. That mysterious body part - "in most male animals, the pouch of skin holding the testicles and related structures," according to our desktop dictionary - makes an appearance in a book aimed at children. What's next? Breasts?

It proved all too much for some children's librarians, who vowed to ban the book from their shelves. This kicked off a rumpus that clogged library-type blogs and eventually ended up in a story in the New York Times that ran near the top of its list of most e-mailed stories for well over a week.

"This book included what I call a Howard Stern-type shock treatment just to see how far they could push the envelope, but they didn't have the children in mind," wrote Colorado librarian Dana Nilsson, rallying the just-say-no troops. When the Times tracked her down, Nilsson sniffed that "you won't find men's genitalia in quality literature."

Uh, we're actually talking here about dogs' genitalia - genitalia that dogs are most happy to display and do lots worse things with, as anyone who has spent more than 30 minutes around dogs can attest.
Nilsson and her allies were

Hilariously derided in some online blogs, such as, where "John" neatly summed up his take on the issue: "Jeez, what a bunch of sad sacks. Don't they have anything better to do than hang around, itching for a fight?"

Alas, a little mockery won't deter our nation's self-anointed guardians of public morals, particularly when it comes to children. Just weeks ago, the operators of a theater in Florida were upbraided by a woman who'd been driving by the place with her niece when the sheltered child's eyes fell on the marquee advertising The Vagina Monologues. The proprietors, in a nod to propriety, redid the sign. It now promotes The Hoohaa Monologues.

Less amusingly, in September, a 51-year-old Texas teacher with 28 years of classroom experience was actually suspended from her job when she took her fifth-grade class on a field trip (approved in advance by the principal) to the Dallas Museum of Art. It seems she exposed the little dears to sculptures of naked people. A memo from the principal (yes, the one who had approved the trip) said that "students were exposed to nude statues and other nude art representations" by the teacher.

Imagine that. In a museum, of all places!

The school district superintendent subsequently said the teacher had been refused transfer to another school and would not have her contract renewed.

I won't say that we as a nation are slightly unhinged about "protecting" our children from reality, but we have among us a fair share of nut jobs. To use a technical term.

"Scrotum," by the way, is also a technical term, and it would probably do the book-reading kiddies good to learn the real name of an anatomical feature most of them already know by any number of crude names.

That's the thing about these hothouse youngsters some are so keen to shield from the horror of marble statues of naked Greek athletes and proper name for body parts: If I remember anything about childhood at all, most kids are pretty filthy-minded, especially when it comes to rude terms for body parts and functions.

And look at the world they live in! By 9 or 10 - the age of Lucky's target audience - they're steeped in the lowest of pop culture, everything from raunchy rap lyrics to the state of dress (or, lately, undress) of barely post-pubescent starlets and singers who present themselves as role models. And one shudders to think of what technically savvy youngsters are stumbling across on the 'net.

Are they really going to be seriously damaged by exposure to the word "scrotum?" Or nude Greeks in heroic poses? Or even the You-Know-What Monologues?

Oh, well, at least the seriously prudish offer up hilarity for the rest of us. And if you doubt me, check and scroll to "scrotum!"

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Should dogs see naked humans?

There is a pretty funny Dear Abby in our Sunday paper. A woman is worried about her dog seeing her husband naked.

Now our dog, Godiva always sees naked people. To her humans are not supposed to wear clothes. She also loves to have her picture taken. As soon as our camera is out, she rushes over to be in the picture as you can see from our Christmas and Valentine's pictures above.

Now Dear Abby could have also commented that there is nothing wrong with children seeing their parents naked. This is very common in Europe. You go to a nude beach and there are lots of children at the beach. Maybe that is one of the reasons the tenage pregnancy rate is so low in Europe compared to the US? They realize human nudity is normal.

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"Dear Abby: Am I a "sicko" because I step out of the shower naked in front of our dog? My wife thinks so. The trouble started, when we got a female dog, "Taffy" from the local animal shelter. Taffy sleeps in our bedroom and is there in the morning when I take my shower.

My wife insists that I cover up in front of the dog and that Taffy is no different from a child. This has created a lot of stress between us because, to me a dog is a dog. Is it wrong to be naked in front of a dog? Signed- In the Dog House

Dear in the Dog House Even though many people treat their dogs like children, the fact remains that dogs are canines - and not homo sapiens.

Your wife appears to be either jealous or have an overactive imagination. It is no more wrong for a human to be naked in the presence of a dog than it is for a dog to be naked in the presence of a human."

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dutch proposed immigration test- You must understand, we like to topless sunbathe

An article talks about how recent immigrants into the Netherlands are not wanting to be part of Dutch society, but maintain their separate ways. They don't want to integrate.

One of the solutions is before someone immigrates, they have to show a knowledge of the Dutch language and societal norms. One of the norms of the Netherlands that is mentioned on the test is that the Dutch accept topless sunbathing.

Could you imagine the Immigration Dept of the US saying, "I am sorry, before you are allowed to immigrate into the US, you must have knowledge of English and understand that Americans like to topless sunbathe. Oh to dream!

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"That is at the heart of the matter," he said. "You have to understand that the rules of your personal faith are not the rules of your country."

In the Netherlands, those rules are becoming increasingly tough on immigrants.

Efforts are underway to require non-western immigrants to pass an integration exam. The test would compel an estimated 14,000 annual applicants to demonstrate competency in the Dutch language as well as an understanding of societal norms, such as acceptance of topless sunbathing and gay marriage.

To see the full article which is very interesting clike this hyperlink:>

Nude wedding photos hot trend in China

We have had nude weddings at the Terra Cotta Inn. I have always acted as the professional photographer.

What is funny is we have had guests where their real wedding was here in the nude at our nudist resort and then they had a 2nd wedding for the family members at a church.

I have also shot 2 sets of wedding photos, one nude set for the bride and groom, and one for their families. So I understand the Chinese wanting nude wedding photos.

Naked wedding are always fun.

We have also had many couples spend their honeymoon here. They then come back every year for their anniversaries.

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Forget the Mao suits of a generation ago. Actually, forget about any clothes at all. Naked wedding photos are the hot new trend among young couples in once deeply conservative China. Even in Anhui, a largely rural province in the east, many newly-weds are having their pictures taken in the nude, to the fury of their parents’ generation, the Xin’an Evening News said.

“Some photo studios are just going too far. They allow young women to have their photos taken in bikinis or with nothing on at all,” said an irate woman from the Anhui capital of Hefei. “I hope the authorities will do something.”

She had just found out that her daughter had taken two sets of wedding photos, one to show the family, and another considerably more intimate one for her own private consumption.

Egyptian Blogger Sentenced to 4 years in jail for expressing his opinions

As much as I would like to see America's attitude change towards accepting nude recreation (and we slowly are), I am so happy that I live in the USA.

Consider the poor plight of this blogger. 4 years in jail for speaking out against his countries policies.

I wish him good luck.

I am glad that Amnesty International is trying to help him. It is one of the charities my wife and I support. Go here for more information

All Bloggers amd webmasters, feel free to copy my post and use it on your own site or blog.

Thursday, February 22. 2007
Posted by Jim Hedger

Egyptian Blogger Sentenced to 4 Years in Jail

Before booking a trip to see the great pyramids in Egypt, please consider the story of 22-year old Abdel Kareem Nabil. Earlier today, Nabil was sentenced to four years in an Egyptian jail for the crime of expressing his opinions in a blog.

A former student at the Islamic institution Al-Azhar University, Nabil was an ardent critic of fundamentalism and conservative Muslim movements in his blog. He also wrote essays questioning the policies of Egypt’s government headed by President Hosni Mubarak.

In one post to his blog, which was last updated on October 28 2006, Nabil called Al-Azhar University “the university of terrorism” suggesting it encouraged extremism. Another post denounces Sharia Law as it applies to women.

In a short, five minute hearing, Judge Ayman al-Akazi sentenced Nabil to three years in prison for insulting Islam and inciting sectarian strife and one year for insulting Mubarak.

In an December 2005 post, Nabil wrote about riots in which a Coptic Christian church was attacked by Muslim worshipers over a play deemed offensive to Islam. "Muslims revealed their true ugly face and appeared to all the world that they are full of brutality, barbarism and inhumanity," he wrote, calling Muhammad and his early followers, “spillers of blood” for their teachings on the use of violence.

Writing about himself Nabil’s About Me statement reads, “I am down to earth Law student; I look forward to help humanity against all form of discriminations. I am currently studying Law in Al Azhar University. I am looking forward to open up my own human rights activists Law firm, which will include other lawyers who share the same views. Our main goal is to defend the rights of Muslim and Arabic women against all form of discrimination and to stop violent crimes committed on a daily basis in these countries.”

The Associated Press reports that when Nabil was taken from the court and placed in a waiting police truck, “…an Associated Press reporter heard the sound of a slap from inside the vehicle and a shriek of pain from Nabil.”

Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders and Human Rights Watch have all taken interest in Nabil’s plight. Amnesty recently declared him a prisoner of conscious.

Kevin Barnes from music group Of Montreal performs naked in Las Vegas

Kevin Barnes, from the music group Of Montreal has some interesting thoughts on nudity and performing nude in concert. He just did a show naked in Las Vegas wearing only a red cummerbund and stockings.

He feels going naked forces you to come to terms with body issues and promotes world peace (I agree).

Now he did make one comment that was pretty sad. He said he choose to perform naked in Las Vegas as he did not want to be arrested as a sex offender if he performed naked in another city.

It is a pretty sad commentary, that a musical artist using nudity to promote peace is afraid of performing anywhere in our country except for "Sin City," as he is afraid he would be arrested and charged with being a sex offender.

Where in Europe simple nudity is commonplace, here in the US, use artistic nudity and you might end up in jail.

And for your best vacation ever, where you can go nude sunbathing, give us The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at
Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes Explains Nudity
He was just trying to bring about world peace, see

So, Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal. Why'd ya do it? Why'd ya go and strip naked (except for fishnet stockings and a red cummerbund, of course) on stage in Las Vegas last week?

Well, according to an interview with Dan Moore that aired on WITR, the Rochester Institute of Technology's college radio station, on February 20, he was just trying to get us all to free our minds. (Our asses would, presumably, follow).

Barnes said, "I always wanted to perform's kind of my concept, to bring world peace to the Earth if everyone had to stand naked in front of their peers once a month. I think it's good because it forces you to sort of come to terms with any sort of body issues that you might have and it sort of like cleanses your emotional palette.

"A lot of people get this anxiety that's like 'I was naked in front of an audience!' and stuff, but I think it's kind of cool for people to be able to face that without going to jail. That's the thing, too, I had to pick Vegas because that's the only 21+ venue we're playing on this whole tour, and I didn't want to become a sex offender, because that would be pretty dreadful."

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sienna Miller will always Sunbathe Nude

It is amazing the big deal that the American press and paparazzi are making over Sienna Miller's topless sunbathing in Mexico.

It is NORMAL for Europeans to go topless sunbathing. What would be strange would be to see a 25 year old European woman to WEAR a bathing suit top in Europe. When you see bathing suit tops at beaches in Europe you think American, Brit, or Canadian.

As Sienna says, there is no shame in baring her breasts. In Europe women showing bare chests is no different then men showing their bare chests. It is normal.

As she says “If I go to a beach, I don’t wear a top. I would find it strange.”

If only North American's were so enlightened. There is hope as Vancouver just legalized topfreedom for women.

Finally what I think is funny is people are thinking that Sienna is having sex with her costar in the Factory Girl movie.

Sienna made the scene look realistic because she is ACTING. She is an ACTRESS. She is supposed to make it look realistic.

We have actors and actresses stay with us from time to time because we are close to Hollywood and lots of people in the movie industry like to go nude sunbathing. Do you know what? They are different from their on screen personalities because they are acting on TV and in movies.

And Sienna, if you don't want to travel all the way to Mexico for your next vacation, feel free staying with us here in sunny Palm Springs.

Now if you want your best vacation ever, visit us, the Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa located in sunny Palm Springs, CA. Give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in Palm Springs!

Sienna Miller will always Sunbathe Nude

Los Angeles (eCanadaNow) - Sienna Miller will always sunbathe topless - because she is European.

The 25-year-old actress was recently photographed topless on a Mexican beach with rumoured new boyfriend model Jamie Burke.

Sienna insists she has no shame about baring her breasts while on holiday
because it is a natural thing to do.

Giveus a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at
She said: “I’m not saying it is necessary all the time but I’m a European and I have a European mentality about these things.

“If I go to a beach, I don’t wear a top. I would find it strange.”
Sienna is just as comfortable showing off her body on screen.

The blonde actress’ sex scenes with co-star Hayden Christensen in new film ‘Factory Girl’ were so realistic they sparked speculation the pair had romped for real.

Sienna vehemently denied the claims, saying: “We’re making a film about real people having real sex. So the film’s making tons of money, but it’s NOT a real sex scene.

“I’m not going to have sex in front of 20 people on set!”

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Topless in Vancouver

The British Columbia Supreme Court in Canada has decided that it is OK for women to be topless in Vancouver and the police are being notified not to harass woman.

Vancouver has a famous nude beach called Wreck Beach right by the university.

A woman was successful in convincing the courts that a woman's chest has the same right to be bare just as a man's does.

We love Canadians at the Terra Cotta Inn. In the winter and springtime, about 30% of our business comes from Canada. Congrats Vancouver!!!

Just this December, the Vancouver Sun newspaper picked us as one of the top places in the world to go nude sunbathing. This is on top of a few years ago where the Vancouver Sun newspaper reported we are the best naturist resort in America.

Nudism wins one in Vancouver. Next the rest of Canada, then the USA will tolerate nudists!

And if you want your best vacation ever, give us a call at The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs!

Topless in Vancouver
Feb, 21 2007 - 9:10 PM

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - Vancouver Police will soon be circulating a memo reminding officers that it's okay for woman to walk around the City topless.

The move comes after a complaint was made to the police department from a woman who has crusaded for the right to go shirtless for years and was victorius in BC Supreme Court.

Vancouevr Police Chief Jamie Graham says not everyone realizes it's okay to bare your breasts in public, "Whether we've now evolved to a stage in our society where people can walk around with no clothes or topless is an issue that is going to generate, on some people's part, concern and when that happens they phone us."
Graham says officers don't mean any harm when they detain a topless woman, even if it's just for brief questioning.

A memo is now being sent to officers reminding them of the Court ruling.

Palm Springs featured in Sunset Magazine

As many of you know, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa is located in sunny Palm Springs, CA.

Sunset Magazine recently had a story about Palm Springs that was picked up by

Have fun reading this article about our beautiful village.

We are the sunniest, city in America. Averaging just under 3 inches of rain a year it is no wonder we are the most popular nudist resort in America. The next most popular resorts are in rainy Florida where they average around 70 inches a year.

As an aside, a few years ago we were featured on the Lou Dobbs show on CNN. Pretty cool that they featured a nudist resort as a successful small business.

Now if you want your best vacation ever give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at Look at to learn more about our town.

And don't worry if you have never been to a nudist resort before. CBSmarketwatch called us the most mainstream nudist resort in America and perfect for first time nude sunbathers. So you will have a great, fun vacation here.

P.S. The Terra Cotta Inn is also a historic Albert Frey building. So it too was built in the cool mid-century modern style.

Palm Springs forever: The desert is calling
POSTED: 11:21 a.m. EST, February 19, 2007
David Lansing
From Sunset at

(Sunset) -- ... Two women sit poolside ... discussing Albert Frey's second house, a modest glass-and-metal box perched on the edge of the chocolate-colored hills above the hotel. "My grandparents had a house just like that when I was a kid," says one of the women wistfully. "I loved it. It was just so ... "

"Cool?" suggests the other woman.


The desert heats up
Think of Palm Springs as a cocktail: Mix one part Rat Pack glamour, a shot of desert beauty, fill to the top of the glass with balmy days and stir up the perfect desert midwinter getaway. That it's only about 110 miles east of Hollywood has long been reason enough for Angelenos to claim it as their private hideaway, but in the last few years, as it has blossomed with boutique hotels and -- finally -- some decent eateries, snowbirds from Seattle to Salt Lake City have claimed it as their own as well. [Terra Cotta Inn guests come from around the world as there is no other nudist resort quite like us].

"We've always had the Hollywood notoriety," says Steve Rizzo, general manager of the Orbit In. "Now people from all over have taken notice of the modern architecture."

And the desert is particularly alluring this month. Rain is unlikely, the temps are heating up... and there's a plethora of outdoor activities, from touring the Indian Canyons to cool hiking from the 8,500-foot top of the aerial tram. [to nude sunbathing]

But for anyone who is a fan of 1950s and '60s home design, a trip to Palm Springs is truly a must. Why here? Well, because of the love for the early Hollywood glamourati who made their homes here, and the rock stars of midcentury-modern architecture -- Albert Frey, Richard Neutra, William F. Cody -- who built those homes.

Boutiques showcasing swanky cocktail dresses and loungewear (think Jackie O meets Marcia Brady) and former garage-sale items like Melmac dishes are as ubiquitous as the palm trees along the main drag, Palm Canyon Drive. And hotels -- like the Horizon and Parker Palm Springs -- have gotten into the act as well -- or maybe they led the way; there's much discussion as to which came first, Corbusier adulation or Eames envy.

Celebrate local architects
The rise of the glam boutique hotel would probably come as a surprise to the godfather of desert modernism, Swiss-born Albert Frey (pronounced "fray"). His most famous Palm Springs design, the soaring, wedge-shaped Tramway Gas Station on the edge of town, was almost torn down in the name of revitalization just before his death in 1998. Today, it's the much-celebrated home of the Palm Springs Visitors Center (and close to where the famous -- and utterly worthwhile -- aerial-tram tours depart). Here you can pick up "Palm Springs: Brief History and Architectural Guide," a $3 booklet that lists some three dozen architectural gems and a map to find them.

Take a break from design with a jaunt to the Living Desert in nearby Palm Desert (a 20-minute drive) to see botanical gardens representing plants from the Sonoran Desert and palm oases. Hike or ride a horse through the Indian Canyons with their year-round streams. Then, in the afternoon, wander around downtown, perhaps stopping to take your picture sitting next to the life-size bronze statue of Sonny Bono at the Mercado Plaza. And watch the street scene unfold from the second-floor balcony of the Falls Prime Steakhouse while sipping one of its excellent martinis and nibbling on rum-drunk shrimp.

You'll want to save at least a half-day for exploring the city's shops, many of which are bunched around the northern end of Palm Canyon Drive in a neighborhood called Uptown.

One of the best is Retrospect, which carries a wide range of midcentury furnishings, like Bertoia Diamond chairs and a Jens Risom Amoeba coffee table. As owner Laine Scott says, "It's ironic because 20 years ago, the city thought the best way to revitalize Palm Springs was to tear down all these midcentury-modern buildings. Now they realize that it's people's love for this style that's going to save this city. You walk into a place like the Del Marcos Hotel and you can just feel the Rat Pack-ness of it. And that makes the city feel so hip again."

But has our love for the era peaked?

If you have any doubts, head to nearby Desert Memorial Park and look for the final resting place of Francis Albert Sinatra. There, on white stone, it says it all: The best is yet to come.

Vanessa Williams featured in magazine article "look better naked"

Women's magazines have done a lot of damage to the self esteem of women in the US.

They write, unless you get this plastic surgery, or wear these fashions, or use these weight loss products, then you will never look good.

One of the better magazines is Allure. They are always having positive articles about women of all ages. My wife subscribes to Allure and enjoys their articles.

Their newest edition will have feature Vanessa Williams and writes about the positiveness of nudity.

And if you have always wanted to go nude sunbathing, then give us, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs.

picture from Allure
"No stranger to taking nude photographs, Vanessa L. Williams has disrobed again for Allure’s May issue, dubbed “Look Better Naked.” An insider at Conde Nast tells the New York Post that the actress was completely unclothed for the shoot at Lux Studio. In 1984, the "Ugly Betty" star lost her Miss America crown when Penthouse released nude photos of her..."

National Geographic writes about nudity in the US

Remember years ago when National Geographic would write stories about tribes in Africa and South America where the members would go topless and nude?

Well now they wrote a story about "tribes" in North America, where the citizens enjoy nudity and nude sunbathing. And the "tribes' are us, everyday Americans who enjoy nudism and the fun of vacationing at nudist resorts.

This is a very good article all about positives of nude recreation, nudist resorts, and nude beaches.

Alhough the article is a few years old, it bares repeating.

And if you are looking for your first experience at a clothing optional resort, give us, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at CBSmarketwatch reported we are the most mainstream nudist resort in America and perfect for couples trying nude sunbathing for the first time.

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs, CA.

The Skinny on Nudism in the U.S.
Jennifer Hile
National Geographic Channel

July 21, 2004
People who do stuff in the buff say there are a lot of misconceptions in U.S. society about what they are doing and why.

There are nude cruises, camping grounds, tennis courts, and motorcycle rallies across the country. There are at least three nude summer camps just for teens and about 260 clothing-optional family resorts in North America—nearly twice the number of ten years ago, according to the American Association for Nude Recreation.
"Naturists" say the benefits to sloughing off both clothes and convention include a sense of freedom and a better self image.

..."I've taken lots of friends to nudist beaches, both men and women...Some of them walked away thinking it was great, some walked away thinking it was boring. But they all walked away thinking, Most people look somewhat like me."

Storey, like most naturism activists, points to most media portrayals of the human body as inaccurate distortions of what people really look like. "There are very few model-perfect people out there. At a nude beach, you get a more realistic perception of what humanity really looks like."

Nicky Hoffman, administrative director of the Naturist Society, said part of her group's mission is to promote an environment of body acceptance. "For girls especially, there is so much pressure in our society to be a perfect size. As a result, there is a whole generation of people killing themselves to meet a standard that is impossible. Part of living a naturist lifestyle is accepting your body and regaining a normal body image."

Hoffman further argues that when clothes are off, social distinctions shrink, creating a more level playing field for human interactions. It's hard to tell a bus driver from a lawyer without the social and professional markings of their dress.

"People will hide and mask themselves in a number of ways to look prettier, tougher, or to establish their social rank," Storey said. "But if you are buck naked chatting with someone, you'll be chatting with the real person. When you get past the fear factor and the initial embarrassment, you realize it allows for a more authentic human interaction."

"Nudity is a taboo in America because we primarily equate nudity or nakedness with sexuality and we have taboos about sexuality," said Matthew Westra, a psychology professor at Longview Community College in Missouri, in the National Geographic Channel documentary Taboo: Extreme Living. "A lot of it has to do, I think, with the Puritan and Victorian heritage that we have, which says that any kind of temptation will lead you into hell."

Modern strip clubs and pornography also strengthen the association between nudity and sex, a link that naturism activists are constantly trying to break.

"At nude beaches, we swim, we play volleyball, we lay in the sun. We do the same things everyone else does at the beach—we just prefer to do it without clothing," Hoffman said. The rules: no touching, no gawking, no inappropriate behavior. "It's a very family-friendly environment."

Nonetheless, a broad movement embracing the benefits of social nudity didn't appear in the Western world until the early 20th century. It started in Germany, where it blossomed as an alternative to the stress of industrialized, urban life. By 1929, the movement made it to the U.S., where it has struggled to become part of mainstream culture ever since.

"Americans are still severely bothered by nakedness. See a bit of Janet Jackson's breast on national television and it's a fiasco. But all of the violence on television—that's accepted. To me, it's bizarre," Storey said.

In order to live a clothing-optional lifestyle, naturists form their own communities and have their own resorts. It protects them from prying eyes and keeps "textile" neighbors, as nudists call the rest of the world, from feeling overexposed.

But naturists argue that, as a part of the taxpaying community, some public space should be set aside for them. A recent national Roper poll, one of the two largest independent polling companies in the U.S., said 80 percent of the U.S. public agrees that it is okay to have a nude beach, as long as it is marked by a sign. 25 percent of adults polled said they'd gone skinny-dipping in mixed company at least once in their life.

"Naturists do not divide neatly down political boundaries," said Bob Morton, the executive director of the Naturist Action Committee (NAC), based in Austin, Texas. "No true conservative would suggest compromising civil liberties, so it's not a conservative-versus-liberal issue. Naturists span the entire political spectrum."

..."It's been very trendy lately to try to put skinny-dipping on the list of sex offenses for which you have to register with the state. It's already passed in 13 states," Morton said. "That's ridiculous. Go to any nude beach and you will understand that in ten minutes. But people confuse nudity and sex all the time. They don't bother to distinguish between the two, and that's the root of a lot of our problems."

Some states, like Montana, are bringing down the hammer on their clothing-optional residents. A first offense for skinny-dipping means six months in jail; a second offense garners one year; a third offense, a hundred years. "It causes you to sit up and say, My gosh, who thinks these kinds of prison sentences make sense?" Morton said.

While naturists continue to struggle for acceptance in the United States, in Europe it's usually a nonissue. "France has more clothing-optional beaches and campsites than you can possibly number. Croatia has nude beaches up and down the coast. So does Italy and the southern coast of Spain. Germany has large city parks where you can hang out naked. I could go on and on with other examples," Storey said. "The United States is the only Western country that is still struggling to figure this issue out."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rooms available this weekend February 23rd and 24th

We just got a couple of cancellations for this weekend Feb 23rd and 24th. We normally are sold out on weekends. Now is your change to visit us here in sunny Palm Springs.

We have already met a number of our blog readers and look forward to meeting more.

The weather has been fantastic. Today we were sunny, not a cloud in the sky and in the mid 70's. The hotel was sold out today.

If you have always wanted to go nude sunbathing now is your chance.

We have many first timers who stay with us. called us the most mainstream nudist resort in America and perfect for couples trying nude sunbathing for the first time.

And just this December, the Vancouver Sun newspaper in Canada picked us as one of the top places in the world to go nude sunbathing. We were the only resort on the west coast that was honored.

Check out our site at to learn more about Palm Springs visit our city site at Palm Springs Guide

Give us, The Terra Cotta inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. We answer the phones from 8am-10pm PST. Hope hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs this weekend.

Nudist resorts need to be fun to be successful !

We are a member of This is the Trade Association for Nude Recreation. There are probably about 270 nudist or naturist clubs and a few resorts in the US. Yet only about 25 are members of TANR. These are the most successful nudist resorts and clubs in America.

Now this post from Australia, touches on the same problems with nudist clubs here in the US as it does in Australia. Most nude clubs don't have much to offer their members, besides being naked. After a while that does not cut it. That is one of the major reason so many nudist clubs are having financial problems.

Here in Palm Springs, we have been open 12 years. When we first opened, there were 6 nudist places in Palm Springs. 14 more nudist places have opened and gone out of business in the next 12 years. We are the only place with the same ownership from 12 years ago.

You always have to be competitive with regular hotels. You can't over charge. For instance we just booked a couple for next September that called a nudist place in Cancun Mexico. They were going to charge $3850/week. And that is in hurricane season Our rates are $899/week, only 1/4th as much. It is no wonder that I hear this place isn't very popular except in March and April.

People will not overpay just to be naked.

We have the 2nd highest occupancy rate of ALL hotels in Palm Springs. Only the casino hotel is busier. If you have a lot to offer your guests and you make your place a fun relaxing place, you will be very popular and busy.

If all you are selling is nudity, you will struggle or go out of business.

In America, the 2 most successful nudist resorts are us, The Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, CA and Cypress Cove Nudist resort which is in Kissimmee, FL. We are the only 2 places that are popular everyday of the week.

People are always making the mistake of booking nudist resorts that are only weekend getaways assuming they are popular like us and Cypress Cove.

For you best vacation ever, give us, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs.

"most see the clubs as offering very little to them
> (and yes, I am a member, but very rarely there!)

Yes, clubs have very little to offer these days. This applies not only
to naturists but almost any other community in the same way. Except
for those clubs with a good restaurant! Or those local senior citizen
social clubs, or the NRMA, which is really more of a motor insurance,
than a members club. If a landed club had something to offer, they
would welcome day visitors anyway...

In modern society, people want to live their freedom and independence,
eg drive the car or take the bus to the beach and make a simple choice
whether they want to walk to the left to skinny dip or walk to the
right to swim in their cossies, so to speak."


Texas thinking about outlawing public nudity

Again a state government is more concerned about the naked human body, then it is about being a well run government. With Texas having a $10 billion budget deficit, a state rep is more concerned about nudity at resorts and public places, than he is about the deficit.

If his law were to be passed, this is what would happen:
"The threat to naturists from House Bill 1466 is simple, obvious and
outrageous. To the customary list of sexually oriented business
definitions, HB 1466 adds “any other commercial enterprise … whose
employees or customers appear in a state of nudity.”

The definition would not only apply to naturist and nudist parks, it
would have to include gyms, spas and pools with changing rooms." That means showering after gym in high school would be illegal. Football players could not shower, and you know how much Texans love football.

This is the threat that nudist resorts always live under, that you have some ignorant state rep with more time on their hands meddling in things that are not a problem.

If this rep was in a European country, he would probably be laughed out of office.

Would this teddy bear be illegal?

My advice, go work on solving your budget deficit and stop worrying about naked humans.

And if you want your best vacation ever, give us, the Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs, CA.

NAC ADVISORY - Texas House Bill 1466
By Dan
Copyright 2007 by the Naturist Action Committee, which is responsible
for its content. Permission is granted for the posting, forwarding or
redistribution of this message, provided that it is reproduced in its
entirety and without alteration.

DATE : February 21, 2007
SUBJECT: Texas House Bill 1466
TO : Texas naturists and concerned others

Dear Naturist:

The Naturist Action Committee (NAC) wishes to make you aware of
threatening legislation in the state of Texas.

Texas House Bill 1466 attempts statewide regulation of sexually oriented
businesses. Of greatest alarm to naturists is the bill’s primary
definition that puts at risk all naturist and nudist parks, camps and
resorts, as well as any business (like a health club or bowling alley)
that might be rented or used temporarily for naturist activities.


NO ACTION is called for at this time. House Bill 1466 has not yet been
assigned to a committee. It is premature for individuals to take action
concerning this legislative measure. However, NAC is working on the
problem, and you should be watching for further NAC Action Alerts,
Advisories and Updates on this topic.


Texas House Bill 1466 was introduced last week by Rep. Bill Zedler, a
third term Republican lawmaker from Arlington.

The threat to naturists from House Bill 1466 is simple, obvious and
outrageous. To the customary list of sexually oriented business
definitions, HB 1466 adds “any other commercial enterprise … whose
employees or customers appear in a state of nudity.”

The definition would not only apply to naturist and nudist parks, it
would have to include gyms, spas and pools with changing rooms.

Rep. Zedler has a history of sponsoring legislation that reflects his
fascinated focus on regulating and criminalizing the bodies and body
parts of others. As the late political commentator Molly Ivins wrote a
couple of years ago, “Zedler’s against pubic hair. We still have a $10
billion deficit.”

Despite his lawmaking eccentricities, Rep. Zedler has been successful a
fair number of times with his legislative measures. Having been elected
to the Texas legislature with the help of money from the political action
group of discredited former Congressman Tom DeLay, Rep. Zedler enjoys the
faithful core support of a significant number of fellow lawmakers who
came to the legislature with the same help.

Naturists must take the threat of House Bill 1466 very seriously, and we
cannot assume that the broadness of the definition was unintentional.
This legislation, if passed intact, would be a back breaker for naturists.


Immediately after House Bill 1466 was filed, the Naturist Action
Committee hired a professional Texas legislative lobbyist for assistance
and advice. NAC’s careful and selective use of lobbyists complements
NAC’s own expertise and legislative response system. A skilled and
properly managed lobbyist can help improve and focus the effect of grass
roots action taken by individual naturists, as coordinated by NAC.

The Naturist Action Committee and its lobbyist are presently working with
key Texas lawmakers to prevent the damage that would be inflicted on
naturists by HB 1466. NAC does not intend to solve the problem presented
by this dangerous legislation by seeking fragile exemptions for
affiliated individuals or businesses. Instead, NAC intends to derail the
bill or rework its basic definition, so that venues for naturist
activities will not be considered “sexually oriented businesses.”

NAC is coordinating its action with AANR-Southwest, a regional affiliate
of the American Association for Nude Recreation.


This is an informational advisory only. It’s important that you know
what’s going on, but the Naturist Action Committee is specifically asking
that you do not take action at this time. Please watch for further NAC
Action Alerts, Advisories and Updates on this topic.


You can access additional information on the Web site of the Naturist
Action Committee.

How many People have Died from Seeing a Naked Human?

This is a great article. It really gets you thinking about smoking in movies.

Millions upon millions of people have died because of smoking. A relative died from lung cancer. It is not a pretty sight. It is a very slow and painful death.

The motion picture industry says that you must be 17 or older to see the picture of a naked human in the movies, yet you can be any age to see "glamourous" pictures of humans smoking.

Which is more dangerous to your health, seeing a naked chest, penis, or rear end, or starting smoking as a teen and becoming addicted for life?

I think it is time that the movie industry start to reconsider smoking in movies, or to be fair, make there be no age requirement for simple nudity as in Europe. Yes, have an age requirement for sex scenes, but no for simple nudity.

Now the final sentences from this article tells all about the closed mindedness of so many Americans toward nudity, "Karey Smith is opposed to R ratings for movies with smoking. "Only if they are naked and killing people while they are smoking!" she wrote online."

Looking at the pictures above, which one is going to kill you?

And if you want your best vacation ever, give us The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional resort and spa a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

Hope to see you in sunny Palm Springs, CA.

Readers: No R rating for movies with smoking
Originally published February 21, 2007

By Lauren LaRocca
News-Post Staff

FREDERICK -- It's no longer "cool" to smoke cigarettes, but millions of Americans still light up everyday -- some of them while they're starring in movies or TV shows.
Smoking in movies has become a controversial issue over the years, as well as a prime tool for cigarette advertisers, since cigarette companies can no longer advertise on television.

However, some parents are concerned this sneaky/subtle (depending on how you look at it) form of advertising works too well and that their children are going to want to start smoking because their movie heroes smoke in their films.

Some concerned people have gone so far as to say all movies containing smoking should automatically receive an R rating.

According to, movies are viewed by a rating board of 10 to 13 members; a majority vote determines a film's rating. Members base their decisions on movies' content in the areas of sex, violence, nudity, language, adult topics and drug use. Movies are rated either G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17.

An R rating stands for "restricted" and technically means anyone younger than 17, is restricted from viewing the film unless accompanied by an adult. R movies may contain strong language, violence, nudity, drug abuse, other elements or a combination of the above, according to MPAA.

Last week, The Frederick News-Post asked its readers:

A recent survey by the American Medical Association found a majority of adults believe on-screen smoking should automatically give a movie an R rating because it encourages teens to smoke.

Do you think any movie that shows an actor smoking should be given an R rating?

Of the 173 online participants, 83 percent believe movies with smoking should not automatically receive an R rating; 11 percent believe they should. An additional 6 percent of voters weren't sure of their stance.

This poll is not scientific and reflects the opinions of only those Internet users who have chosen to participate.

Karey Smith is opposed to R ratings for movies with smoking.

"Only if they are naked and killing people while they are smoking!" she wrote online.

Shopping for new nipples?

As if women don't have enough pressure on them as to whether they have "perfect breasts" or not.

Now there is a plastic surgery website here in Southern California that will create the "perfect nipple" for you. It has a page called http://Pick the perfect nipple/ where woman can actually go shopping online for what they think are the perfect nipples.

This is what the site says:
"Pick the perfect nipple. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and today it is also in the click of your mouse. Consider the key aspects of nipple appearance, nipple projection and areola size, and then cast your vote for the perfect nipple. It's simple to do, click on the square with your favorite nipple then click "cast your vote".

Now of course, they don't repeat a study reported in the Jan 2002 Journal of "Plastic Reconstructive Surgery" which says "Post-operative surveys on mental health and quality of life issues have shown short-term improvement in confidence regarding the appearance of the breasts, but after six months there was no improvement in self-esteem or general self-confidence."

Although you will see a few women at nudist resorts that have had boob jobs, the majority of women do not, as they feel very comfortable going around nude with the breasts they were given. Nudist resorts make women feel very comfortable with them selves and their naked bodies.

In the pictures above, the top 2 pictures are from women who have surgically enhanced nipples, the other 2 pictures are women with no surgery. If you ask me, I don't see any advantages to nipple surgery here.

Now if you want to have a fantastic vacation, and not have to worry about the size of your breasts or nipples, stay at nudist resort.

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In 2005, there were 291,000 breast augmentation surgeries in the US. We are the leaders

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Water Ski Naked in Australia

This is a fun article about naked water skiers flashing by the Queen Mary 2 in Sydney harbor in Australia. What they neglect to tell readers is there are legal nude and topless beaches in Sydney with Bondi beach being one of the most famous.

Probably these water skiers were just having a great time and not paying attention to the Queen Mary 2.

I love the quote "That's Sydney all right - it's quintessential Sydney."

That's right. Nude recreation, boating, water skiing, nude and topless sunbathing, etc. Sydney is a great friendly city for nudists.

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Bottoms up! Nude skiers flash the QM2
Email Print Normal font Large font Bottoms up
David Braithwaite from
February 20, 2007 - 1:00PM

A Sydney couple showed a little bare-faced cheek to visiting royalty by water-skiing naked past the Queen Mary 2 as she moored in the harbour this morning.

The naked skiers roared by reader Steven Guy as he was enjoying a spot of breakfast on a friend's boat off Kurraba Point at Neutral Bay.

"We were just sitting there - the next thing these two went straight across the back of Mary as it was tying up and everyone was saying 'they're nude, they're nude'.

"We were directly opposite John Howard's house - they came from around Kirribilli Point somewhere heading east and then they just howled off behind us.

"It was a man and a woman. I think they were probably in their late 20s and let's just say they were a fairly fit looking couple."

Mr Guy said he was "absolutely gobsmacked" when he realised he had nabbed the photo.

"I just barged through and snapped it - I was going through the pics later and thought 'Oh, my God! I got them!'.

"It's got the skiiers, the kayaks, the fire tender spraying water and Queen Mary's butt, and I thought 'That's Sydney alright - it's quintessential Sydney'.

A NSW Water Police spokesman said he was unaware of any naked water-skiiers on the harbour this morning.

Monday, February 19, 2007

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The media loves writing about us as they are always amazed that a nudist resort is the most popular hotel in town. For instance, we were just on a travel show last year where we were picked as one of the best, unique hotels in the world. We were in the same company as a vacation on the Orient Express train.

Last December, the Vancouver Sun newspaper in Canada picked us as one of the top places in the world to go nude sunbathing. We were the only nudist resort on the west coast that was honored.

We are a 17 room inn. My wife and I are living our dreams of pampering people so that they have their best, most fun vacations ever. We love working here. Plus, we get to work nude. What could be better.

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I see from stat logs that some webmasters have used stories here that I have written.

I would like to say, everyone feel free reposting our stories. The more people learn about the fun of nude recreation and nude sunbathing, the better.

So all webmasters and bloggers and mainstream media, feel free reprinting my posts here anytime that you want. Contact me about link exchanges.

As more people see nudity as normal, more people will visit nude beaches and nudist resorts which will be good.

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Mardi Gras and Nudity

Read this story. It is funny how the Brazilians are outraged that Americans do not understand the toplessness and nudity of Mardi Gras.

And we, as Americans like to think we are cultured? I think the Brazilians can teach us a thing or to about the celebration of the body and nudity acceptance.

As the Notre Dame professor says:
"Here, nakedness doesn't only lead to sexuality, it leads you to aesthetic appreciation." Sort of like the Olympics of old when they were first performed in the nude in ancient Greece.

Aesthetic appreciation is what carnival is all about. And having fun.

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At Rio de Janeiro's carnival, nude bodies don't always spell sex
from ABC News Boston
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil -- The mere idea that U.S. soldiers on leave from Iraq see Rio's carnival as a free-floating sex party has Brazilians outraged.

A report in Britain's The Guardian newspaper that American soldiers are looking to Rio for rest and recreation -- especially sex tourism -- prompted many Brazilians to say that the gringos have it all wrong.

Despite all the jiggling, sweating flesh on display Saturday, Brazilians say the annual spectacle -- which is expected to draw 700,000 revelers through Tuesday -- isn't all about sex. It is, they say, a celebration of the body, closer in the spirit to the Olympics than a strip bar.
Brazilians say the nakedness at carnival is about sensuality, not just sex. Yes, sexual imagery abounds in the samba schools, and thousands of revelers dance skin-to-skin on the sidelines...

But nudity carries a different connotation in Brazil than in many other countries.

"Here, nakedness doesn't only lead to sexuality, it leads you to aesthetic appreciation," said Roberto Da Matta, a retired University of Notre Dame sociology professor and author of the book "Carnivals, Rogues and Heroes: An Interpretation of the Brazilian Dilemma."

"A woman is dancing but it's not pornographic," he said. "It's a collective experience of reconsidering bodies, like at the Olympic Games."

Da Matta says his granddaughters watch the nearly nude samba dancers in TV ads during the run-up to carnival, grading them like judges at a gymnastic competition, or in the same way Rio's Samba parade is judged.

The annual Samba parade, which takes place on Sunday and Monday nights, is the high point of the festival. Vegas-ready floats and glitter-covered dancers are broadcast live across the nation, and fans root for their favorite samba groups with a passion normally reserved for soccer teams.

...Total nudity is prohibited and a less-than-perfect score from the exacting panel of judges can doom a group's chances.

.."I'm entirely comfortable dressed like this," said this year's Carnival Queen Jacqueline Faria, 23, wearing little more than a rhinestone encrusted push-up bra and a sequin spotted see-through skirt revealing a tiny G-string.

"This is Rio de Janeiro, it's all about the beach and sun. We don't wear many clothes here at anytime during the year," Faria explains. "But Rio de Janeiro isn't just about bum bum. It has lots of other culture."