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Monday, August 27, 2007

More on Naked yoga and nude pilates

Mary Clare has been doing naked yoga and naked pilates for years. The stretches help her because of a bad back.

I did a story here on naked yoga last week click here for story and I never knew how popular that subject is.

I have been having a lot of web traffic come to this blog because people want to read the story on nude yoga as they googled the keywords naked yoga and nude yoga.

And today I see that click here picked up the post.

Last week Newsweek did a story on naked yoga click here for story Who would have thought that naked yoga is becoming trendy. Maybe it will become as trendy as vacationing at nudist resorts.

Newsweek did a story about us a few years ago where they picked us as one of the best small businesses in America. It is pretty cool that Newsweek is recommending activies that people can do in the nude. It appears that Newsweek is one of the few mainstream publications that is realizing that American's are starting to feel comfortable in their bare skin by traveling to nudist resorts and doing nude yoga.

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Stanley said...

I too enjoy naked yoga and have gotten to do it in a group while at a so-so competitor, Hidden Beach. Most of the time though, it is at home. I think I do better when some one is telling me what to do. That way I don't have to think about the organization of what to do next, just stay in a relaxed mind set.

It has been too many years since I was last at TCI butI remember there were some really nice yoga places around. My wife, Ginny, and I had ppplanned a trip there for this past April but our kitty developed diabetes and we haven't found anyone willing and able to give him insulin shots twice a day.

It is good to see you are keeping up on your practice.


Tom Mulhall said...

Hi, Hidden beach really isn't much of a competitor. Once people realize that they can stay here for about 3 weeks for the price of 1 overpriced week there, they rarely go back.

We own the house next door and let guests with pets stay there. So no problem having a cat.

Mary Clare still does yoga and pilates every day. Me I work LOL


lawrence said...

Oh my God it’s great. With the non-restriction of clothes, I get in touch with nature, it brought a natural freshness to it, I like the feeling of freedom, that’s a great feeling, everyone should try it.