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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Funny topless TV commercial on German TV

We've been to Germany 2 times and Europe 7 times. Like most tourists, when you are exhausted on your vacation before you go to sleep, you turn on TV even if it is in a foreign language.

The one thing we noticed is in most countries in Europe that we have been to (Germany, France, Monaco, Spain, and the Netherlands,) we saw TV commericals where you would see topless women and male and female bare butts in national TV commericals. Now I do not know if they have nudity all day long or just in the evenings as that is the only time we watched TV before going to sleep.

We have also been to England, Italy, and Switzerland where we did not see nudity in TV ads. That doesn't mean they don't have it, we just didn't see it.

Speaking of watching TV, tonight after a busy day at the hotel, we watched World's Funniest Commercial's on TBS. They had a really funny German commercial where a woman was topless in the commercial. this gives you an idea as to the freedom that Europe has concerning nudity compared to the US.

You see a pretty woman getting out of the shower and she puts on a g-string in her bedroom. She then walks into her living room topless. If you were in Germany, you would be seeing her bare breasts. However, living here in the USA where the site of a bare nipple like Janet Jacksons on TV costs networks millions of dollars in fines, TBS blurred out her breasts.

In the living room, the woman walks over to a bowl of walnuts, Picks up a walnut, puts it between the cheeks of her rear end, squeezes, and produces a cracked walnut.

The TV camera then pans to a gym bag that says Leo's Sports Club. It is a hilarious ad.

You can see the video on line at On the right of the home page you will see "Features" go to page TWO and click on the Leo's Sports Club Ad.

It is so sad that here in America with our Bill of Rights and so called Freedom of Speech, our TV commercials are censored just like in communist countries like China or dictatorships like Saudi Arabia. So much for America being the land of the free. And when you are at that site you will see many more ads with nudity from Europe.

Although we don't have the freedom to advertise like Europe has, at least America has some of the best nudist resorts in the world. If you want to visit ours, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort, where reported in March that we are one of the 10 best clothing optional resorts in the world and the only nudist resort in the western US that was honored, then give us a call at 800-786-6938. Visit our site at

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Here is a link to that ad on YouTube, without the censorship: