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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Feel free to send me stories - A reader sent a poll on nude sleeping habits

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A reader just sent me a link to a ABC-TV poll from the fall of 2004 about sex in America. One part of the poll dealt with the naked sleeping habits of Americans.

They determined that overall 22% of Americans sleep in the nude. It is 31% of men and 14% of women sleep naked.

That is a pretty high percent that feels comfortable in their skin to sleep naked.

Another interesting part of the survey I discovered is that 54% of Americans consider themselves fun loving. That also means 46% are not.

It is pretty sad that so many Americans do not know how to have fun with their lives. If ever there were people who needed to lighten up and enjoy life it is those that don't consider themselves fun loving. They need to a vacation at nudist resorts really bad.

for the full poll and story click here

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