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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Celebrities disclose their swimming in the nude

Whenever I learn about celebrities nude sunbathing, going to nude or topless beaches, skinny dipping, etc. I like to report it as I feel it helps newbies think that if they can do it, so can I. This way newbies feel nude and topless sunbathing isn't that unusual.

In a recent Access Hollywood article and video, they interviewed Ted Danson, Ludacris, Heros star Ali Larter, Lauren Graham, and Tate Donovan from the show Damages all who admitted to skinny dipping.

Ali Larter talks about her skinny dipping:

“There was a magical evening in [the] Hawaiian sea -- turtles floating around. It was one of those things where my dress went off, I went in, my boyfriend went after me and a jellyfish got me,” Larter confessed.

Yes, that’s right! Ali’s risqué swim, sent her to the ER!

“I was in the hospital for like ten hours. I grew up in Jersey so I’m used to it, but this was a lethal, horrible jellyfish and if I could get it, I would destroy it now,” she stated."

For the complete article and video click here

I would also like to thank the AANR E-Bulletin for pointing out this story. I try my best to find interesting stories, but between helping guests answering e-mails, and working at the resort, I don't always find all the good stories first.

In recent years AANR, the American Association for Nude Recreation has been doing a very good job in pointing out how all sorts of people from movie and TV stars to just regular people enjoy being nude and nude sunbathing. They are definately trying to show how nude recreation and nudist resorts are mainstream and perfect for everyone to try.

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