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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Billy Graham and LBJ went skinny dipping at White House together

I am really impressed that AANR, The American Association for Nude recreation is actively writing about positive nude and nudist articles in the news.

I try to find as many articles as I can, but it takes time. This article in Time magazine I got from the AANR weekly update.

Thanks AANR, good job!

Here's part of the article:

"Graham was hardly the first preacher to have a White House pass; but he was the first to have one in 11 consecutive administrations, Democratic and Republican, led by men very different from each other who all somehow felt the need to have him by their side. You could almost feel the rest of them hovering protectively over the proceedings in Charlotte: Eisenhower, who asked Graham on his deathbed how you can know if you're going to heaven; Johnson, who invited Graham to the White House within weeks of taking office for an encounter that included both prayer and skinnydipping in the White House pool;"

For the full article click here

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