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Thursday, May 17, 2007

New nudist blog to be started soon

Tom, a fellow nudist blogger over at is starting a brand new blog where he will be asking questions of fellow nude bloggers and he will compile them. It looks to be pretty good as instead of what I do here on my blog, commenting on the naked and nude, news of the day, it will all be original thoughts. As soon as I know the web address of the new blog I will post it.

Today's question: Clothes-Free or Clothing Optional - which is better?"

My answer:

"When we opened our resort 12 years ago, my wife and I debated, should we call ourselves
a clothing optional resort, a nudist resort, or a naturist resort. Back then non
nudists thought naturists hung out with Smokey the Bear in the woods. Nudist Resort
sounded too scary to first timers. They thought nudist resorts were for people
who would go to "nudist colonies" like in the old Pink Panther movies.
First timers told us " 'clothing optional', I could try that as there
are clothing optional beaches in Europe and the Caribbean." No one used the
expression clothes free 12 years ago.

Enter today. There is research done by TANR (trade association for nude recreation)
where people who have never tried nude sunbathing like the expression "clothing
optional" better than nudist resorts. They feel it gives them a choice, especially
women. This study was done around 7 or 8 years ago, so the expression clothes free
was not in use at that time.

Our resort was built on first timers. I bet over 90% of our guests were first timers
and now they love going to lots of different nudist resorts and beaches. By, saying
clothing optional it lets a woman think "I can try topless sunbathing first
and if I feel comfortable, then I can go nude sunbathing if I like it." And
the reality is once first timers arrive at a clothing optional resort and see everyone
is nude sunbathing, they feel silly wearing a bathing suit or clothes and quickly
join in. And once they have been nude for about 30 minutes they think "why
didn't I do this years ago."

At clothes free resorts where nudity is manditory, in my opinion it turns off a
lot of first timers because they don't have that chance to ease into nude sunbathing.
In my opinion, if you have a small clothes free club and are not looking to grow
the club by getting new members, calling yourselves a clothes free club is fine.
It just would not work at resorts for attracting first timers. That is why us, The
Terra Cotta Inn, Caliente Resort, Club Orient in St Martin and more resorts that
have first timers call ourselves clothing optional. Tom

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dare2bbare45 said...

I prefer Clothes free than clothing optional.

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