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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Small resorts are becoming popular in the travel industry

The travel industry is finally waking up to the fact that tourists are tired of the same old cookie cutter chain hotels.

They are finding out what the nudist industry knew all along, that travelers are becoming more adventurous and discerning. Some of the big chains are trying to create their own idea of boutique resorts like the Westin chain creating W hotels.

Having stayed at a W hotel, I found it to be no different than any other large chain hotel. Guests are just expected to overpay for the W's "hipness."

I think because guests are looking for more than just putting their head in a bed, small hotels like ours, if run properly are really popular. For instance, we have had the 2nd highest occuapncy rate of all hotels in Palm Springs for probably the last 8 years. Only the Indian Casino hotel is busier than us because they have a casino.

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Small hotels, big business
April 15, 2007
More hotel guests are showing an interest in the type of originality and character found at boutique hotels. In competing against larger chains with bigger marketing budgets, smaller hotels often focus on their exceptional service and unconventional style.

As travelers become more adventurous and discerning, the small luxury and boutique industry is at their service.

John Sears, executive vice president of Boutique Hotels & Resorts International, an independent network of boutique hotels under one brand name, says visitors want their hotel address, like their home address, to reflect personal taste and standards.

“It is clear that the ordinary hotel trade drastically underestimated the demand for originality and character,” says Sears. “The tide has radically shifted.”

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