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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Radical religious right protests Pultizer Prize winning play

Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan is running a play called "Angels in America." In one of the scenes an actor goes to an AIDS clinic for an exam and is nude for about 45 seconds. The play is a Puliter Prize winning play. The university president "said of the nude scene that he's "assured that it's not just gratuitous, that it's part of the story and the development of the character, which makes it appropriate artistic expression."

Now comes the censorship part. A wacko religious right, extremist organization says the play is illegal. I guess they have an e-mail tree and got 2000 people to bombard state lawmakers saying the play is illegal. And since there are always clueless politicans, who probably never passed their high school civics class and don't understand the Bill of Rights, I guess even one state lawmaker is looking into this play.

Now here is my thoughts. These fruitcakes are not forced to watch this play. Further, these busybodies even said they won't watch it! So where is the harm? Play goers know there will be male nudity and know the plot line of the play. People are not forced to watch it.

If these religous zealots are so unhappy here in America, why don't they move to the Middle East? There religion rule government, unlike the US (of course Bushies want to change this). These religious zealots would probably LOVE living with a totalitarian government. In the middle east woman are treated as 2nd class citizens. What more could a religious right wacko want?

In the middle east, they don't have freedom of speech. This would be nirvana for these crazies.

My feeling are if you are sick of the American Constitution and democracy, leave!

The sad thing is the play director says "I would never stop these people (from objecting)," he said, referring to naysayers. "They are saying we don't have the right to do it. That's my biggest issue." Here the theater department says the religious wackos have freedom of speech, why don't the religious extremists grant what is protected by the Bill of Rights to the actors? Oh well, I am glad to live in California.

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1 comment:

J said...

Just to be clear...

While I do not agree with the American Family Assoc. of Michigan, I do want to see fairness also.

Their protest is not just about the content of the play but also where the money is coming from.... They don't want their tax dollars going toward something like this.

My problem with this is the AFA is not going through due process... I don't like where my tax dollars are going or not going on the local, state and federal level. There is, however, a legal/procedural way of going about getting things changed.