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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hockey player says you haven't lived until you've gone skinny dipping

Erik Johnson who plays hockey for the Minnesota Golden Gophers was the #1 draft choice of the St. Louis Blues professional hockey team. He will start playing next year in the NHL.

March 6th he was interviewed by reporter John Buccigross. They asked him all sorts of questions about favorite music, have you been horse back riding, etc. They also asked this question:

"Q: Have you ever gone skinny-dipping?

A: It is almost a rule in Minnesota that you haven't lived if you haven't gone skinny-dipping. So, yes, I have. You want to go sometime, Bucci?"

The reporter turned him down.

I thought it was pretty cool that ESPN included the skinny-dipping question to be a normal question just like he asked what do you eat at Denny's. And Erik Johnson's answer could not have been more positive.

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Picture courtesy of Wikipedia.

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