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Monday, April 30, 2007

Elle Magazine suggests being risque this summer in Palm Springs - go barefoot!

Elle Magazine, a womens fashion magazine, just came out with their new issue... Their Green Issue.

In Anne Slowey's "Fashion Know-It-All" section she comes up with a very risque (in her own mind) suggestion. Going barefoot this summer in Palm Springs. She writes
“…Palm Springs has the cleanest sidewalks I’ve ever seen, why not be a little risqué and…sport perfectly manicured bare feet?”

If going barefoot is considered risque in the fashion industry, what do they consider all the sheer clothing that they sell?

Yes, Palm Springs is a very clean city and they do wash down the sidewalks early in the morning. I just though this was too funny that being barefoot is considered risque in the fashion industry.

Just wait until the religious right learns about this. Next thing you know, they will want everyone to cover up their feet with Army boots so we aren't perceived as being risque, ha ha.

At least Elle Magazine did not say nude sunbathing is risque. So in the above picture, is the woman being risque because she has bare feet? I just thought Anne Slowey's statement way too funny. And that sad thing is she probably feels going barefoot is risque.

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