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Monday, April 02, 2007

Censorship debate over Yale university New York Times Ad

Both the New York Times and New haven Register newspaper have decided to to run the above ad by the yale repertory Theater for its current play called Lulu.

“Legally, this is not censorship,” said Yale Law School professor Robert Post, a First Amendment expert. Svetlana Mintcheva, director of the Arts Program of the National Coalition Against Censorship, agreed. “Although nudity is a constitutionally protected expression, the Times is a private publication, and so has a right to set standards on what it will run,” she said. “Although they do have guidelines, it is unfortunate that those standards are often somewhat subjective, and we certainly wish that they could be made far more objective. This is definitely not the first time that the Times has done this, and has done this for unclear reasons...

In some ways, the biggest questions raised involve the discrepancies between standards for male and female nudity. The Lulu ad marks the third rejection of Rep posters featuring the naked female body. “Male nudity is just much more acceptable than female nudity,” said Post.

The show’s director, Mark C. Lamos, has stronger opinions on the subject. “Given the nature of what is available to every single American on the Internet—and don’t tell me that every single American out there hasn’t checked out a lot of porn right in the quiet of their own home—as well as all of the nudity and sexuality in television and film and video these days, mush of it horribly demeaning to women, I find the approbation accorded this rather beautiful poster art completely hypocritical and spurious,” he said. “People are lying to themselves. But I suppose it is important to protect the morals of the readers of the New Haven Register and the New York Times.”

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The Yale theater was nice enough to send me a poster and to thank me for mentioning this story before.

What is even more interesting is the theme of the play is about the world objectifying women as sex objects.

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