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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Australian beauty queen kicked out of Miss Universe contest

Fashions change all the time. During the 1500's, 1600's, and part of the 1700's it was very popular for aristocratic women to go to functions with their breasts fully exposed.

For instance, here is a painting of a noble woman from 1570 with her breasts exposed in a gown. The painting is at the Prado in Madrid.

This fashion style was not limited to just the french and spanish, but many European aristocratic women joined in. Even Queens! For instance, in the reign of Charles II of France, the author Richard Baxter comments on the royal courts ball gowns and writes about "new instructions unto youth for their behavior, and also a discourse upon some innovations of habits and dressing." He continues that the height of fashion is "naked breasts and shoulders." He then says the queen "exposed her breast and shoulders without even the glass of the lightest gauze."

We went from a period where it was fashionable for society women to dress with their breasts exposed, to the Victorian era where even showing a bare ankle was scandalous. To our modern era where the fanatical religious right would love to see woman in burkas.

However in our modern times, it is more and more popular for woman to go nude and topless sunbathing.

Carly Hanson of Perth Australia, who has been a runner up in other beaty pageants was kicked out of the Miss Universe contest in Australia because she likes to topless sunbathe and had a picture in a Australian Magazine where she was topless.

Last year's Australian Miss Universe caused a "controversy" because she also posed nude for pictures.

It is time for the Miss Universe contest to get with modern times and stop living in the past. According to their rules for instance Nicole Kidman could not represent Australia as she has appeared topless in movies. And for that matter the same would be true of many models and actresses.

A spokesperson for Miss Universe even said "It is more common for girls to do (topless shots)." So why not change the rules and go modern?

If it is perfectly leagal for a woman to be topless on a beach in Europe and parts of Australia, what is the big deal?

And these beauty contests wonder why people don't pay attention to them anymore.

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