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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Water Ski Naked in Australia

This is a fun article about naked water skiers flashing by the Queen Mary 2 in Sydney harbor in Australia. What they neglect to tell readers is there are legal nude and topless beaches in Sydney with Bondi beach being one of the most famous.

Probably these water skiers were just having a great time and not paying attention to the Queen Mary 2.

I love the quote "That's Sydney all right - it's quintessential Sydney."

That's right. Nude recreation, boating, water skiing, nude and topless sunbathing, etc. Sydney is a great friendly city for nudists.

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Bottoms up! Nude skiers flash the QM2
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David Braithwaite from
February 20, 2007 - 1:00PM

A Sydney couple showed a little bare-faced cheek to visiting royalty by water-skiing naked past the Queen Mary 2 as she moored in the harbour this morning.

The naked skiers roared by reader Steven Guy as he was enjoying a spot of breakfast on a friend's boat off Kurraba Point at Neutral Bay.

"We were just sitting there - the next thing these two went straight across the back of Mary as it was tying up and everyone was saying 'they're nude, they're nude'.

"We were directly opposite John Howard's house - they came from around Kirribilli Point somewhere heading east and then they just howled off behind us.

"It was a man and a woman. I think they were probably in their late 20s and let's just say they were a fairly fit looking couple."

Mr Guy said he was "absolutely gobsmacked" when he realised he had nabbed the photo.

"I just barged through and snapped it - I was going through the pics later and thought 'Oh, my God! I got them!'.

"It's got the skiiers, the kayaks, the fire tender spraying water and Queen Mary's butt, and I thought 'That's Sydney alright - it's quintessential Sydney'.

A NSW Water Police spokesman said he was unaware of any naked water-skiiers on the harbour this morning.

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WHOLETRUTHY heads down under!!!