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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Vanessa Williams featured in magazine article "look better naked"

Women's magazines have done a lot of damage to the self esteem of women in the US.

They write, unless you get this plastic surgery, or wear these fashions, or use these weight loss products, then you will never look good.

One of the better magazines is Allure. They are always having positive articles about women of all ages. My wife subscribes to Allure and enjoys their articles.

Their newest edition will have feature Vanessa Williams and writes about the positiveness of nudity.

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picture from Allure
"No stranger to taking nude photographs, Vanessa L. Williams has disrobed again for Allure’s May issue, dubbed “Look Better Naked.” An insider at Conde Nast tells the New York Post that the actress was completely unclothed for the shoot at Lux Studio. In 1984, the "Ugly Betty" star lost her Miss America crown when Penthouse released nude photos of her..."

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