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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Text Message company uses Topless Booth Models

There is a computer show in Barcelona that had 55,000 people in attendence. One of the booths, to attract attention, used topless models. The company was a text message software company for cell phones.

The most interesting comment from the show sponsors was they had not received 1 single complaint.

Now this is Spain, where all beaches are legally topless. Also in Barcelona, it is legal to go nude in certain parts of town. The best beach in Barcelona is a nude right by downtown.

My guess since it was a British based company that hired the topless models, they did so to attract attention. But, to the Europeans in attendence it was no big deal as women go topless at the beaches in the summer in Europe. Also magazines in Europe show topless and nude advertisements.

The topless booth models are no different than an ad showing nudity on TV is Europe.

Plus, as you can see, one of the big passtimes for Europeans is to talk on the cell phone while topless at the beach.

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Nude Booth Babes Exposed at 3GSM

LogicaCMG urged to show modesty as attention-getting stunt backfires—or does it?
February 15, 2007
By Peter Purton

One moment they were there. The next they were gone. On the first day of the 3GSM conference in Barcelona, a small group of pretty girls was getting a lot of attention from the mainly male visitor stream. It was not just that they were pretty—they were topless.

LogicaCMG, the United Kingdom-based software developer that proudly boasts its SMS (short message service) technology handles over half of the text messages sent between mobile phones around the world, had hired the female promotional team to draw visitors to its stall tucked away in one of the exhibit halls on Monday.

The only thing the women wore above the waist was a layer of yellow, gold, and black paint promoting the stand as they handed out leaflets offering visitors the chance to win a Nokia mobile phone.

“We had a few complaints,” said one of the stand personnel, but the company’s global marketing director insisted it was always part of the plan to ask the girls to put tops on after the first day.
“I haven’t heard of any complaints, except one asking why the girls were wearing tops,” he added, tongue in cheek.

...Mark Smith, media communications director of the GSM Association (GSMA), the show’s organizer, said the organization had received no complaints but he told Red Herring “that is clearly not something we would condone.”

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