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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Spainiards love nudist resorts and to be nude

We love Spain as they love nudists. Spain and the south of France are the best 2 countries for nudists and nudist resorts as they have the best weather. Actually, I don't think the Spanish love nudists, as much as they don't like to wear clothes especially at the beaches.

We have vacationed in Spain a few times and have spent almost a month there. Now in Spain, they have so called family beaches with the little kids. At them maybe only 30-40% of the women went topless. Then you had the non kiddie section right next to the family one, where maybe 60-70% of the women went topless. Finally at many cities, you then had the nude beach. What is interesting is the nude beaches are close to the noisy family beaches. They are not hidden, miles away, but are at prime locations unlike America. The last time we were in Spain was 2 1/2 years ago.

I would estimate only the young, like 10-15 year olds and the very old, or the very American or British were the only ones who wore bathing suit tops or 1 piece suits.

This is an interesting article as it shows how free Spain really is. And we think we live in the land of the free here in the US. Not compared to Europe.

A local police officer is ordered to pay a fine and damages to a local nude bicyclist because the cop infringed on the right of the bicyclist to ride his bike nude in Barcelona. The story says:

"On that occasion he pointed out local by-laws stipulated that nudism is not illegal in certain delineated zones of the city and he wanted to underline his "democratic" right to go clothes-free."

Could you imagine any city in America allowing a clothes free zone? What a difference in personal freedoms between Spain and the US. Even here in Palm Springs, CA which is probably one of the most nudist friendly cities in the United States, as I was elected the President of the Chamber of Commerce a few years ago, once you step outoors where others can see you, you must be dressed.

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Spaniards in nudist spat

Jan 30 4:28 PM US/Eastern

A police officer in the northeastern Spanish region of Catalonia reportedly faces a fine and having to pay damages to a nudist he forced to cover up.
The officer appeared in a Barcelona court after telling Jacint Ribas Deix, chairman of the Association for the Defence of the Right to Nudism, he had to cover up while the latter was riding a bicycle in his birthday suit through the city, the Europa Press news agency reported.

Ribas made a complaint to the town hall before launching legal action and his lawyer Benet Salellas took up the case.

Salellas is calling for a 600-euro (750-dollar) fine and the same amount in damages for his client following the incident, which occurred in mid-2005.

According to Ribas, who Spanish media said had clocked up more than 12,000 kilometres (8,000 miles) riding in the buff, the officer told him: "You can't go around like that."

He reluctantly got dressed, fearing "he was going to put me in jail if I didn't."

Ribas, who accused the officer of "abusing his authority," has chaired the nudist association for 10 years and once wrote to the Catalan regional parliament to complain of similar incidents involving other nudists.

On that occasion he pointed out local by-laws stipulated that nudism is not illegal in certain delineated zones of the city and he wanted to underline his "democratic" right to go clothes-free.

Salellas said 1997 legislation backed up his client.

"There is no law or legal precept allowing the policeman to stop Ribas from going around in the nude through the streets of Barcelona," Ribas' counsel said.

"As such, (the officer's) action was clearly illegal."

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