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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Should dogs see naked humans?

There is a pretty funny Dear Abby in our Sunday paper. A woman is worried about her dog seeing her husband naked.

Now our dog, Godiva always sees naked people. To her humans are not supposed to wear clothes. She also loves to have her picture taken. As soon as our camera is out, she rushes over to be in the picture as you can see from our Christmas and Valentine's pictures above.

Now Dear Abby could have also commented that there is nothing wrong with children seeing their parents naked. This is very common in Europe. You go to a nude beach and there are lots of children at the beach. Maybe that is one of the reasons the tenage pregnancy rate is so low in Europe compared to the US? They realize human nudity is normal.

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"Dear Abby: Am I a "sicko" because I step out of the shower naked in front of our dog? My wife thinks so. The trouble started, when we got a female dog, "Taffy" from the local animal shelter. Taffy sleeps in our bedroom and is there in the morning when I take my shower.

My wife insists that I cover up in front of the dog and that Taffy is no different from a child. This has created a lot of stress between us because, to me a dog is a dog. Is it wrong to be naked in front of a dog? Signed- In the Dog House

Dear in the Dog House Even though many people treat their dogs like children, the fact remains that dogs are canines - and not homo sapiens.

Your wife appears to be either jealous or have an overactive imagination. It is no more wrong for a human to be naked in the presence of a dog than it is for a dog to be naked in the presence of a human."

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