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Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Scientist Charles Richter was a Nudist

A biography of the famous seismologist was just published. One of the interesting facts about Charles Richter is he was a nudist.

The author points out that Richter's only real friendships were with other nudists.

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Also so many guests make new friends while here. We have guests travel to other states or to other countries to visit with their nudist friends. It is such a great life.

And at the same time if you just want to relax and de-stress, nudist resorts are perfect for that too.

You can be as social or private as you like here.

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Richter's brain wired, nimble

By Dennis Lythgoe
Deseret Morning News of Salt Lake City Utah
RICHTER'S SCALE: MEASURE OF AN EARTHQUAKE, MEASURE OF A MAN," by Susan Elizabeth Hough, Princeton University Press, 335 pages, $27.95

...Richter was also known to be a nudist — and nudists say that nudism is more about acceptance of oneself and oneness with nature than about sex or exhibitionism. Being a nudist for Richter also meant that he was a civil libertarian. It was with nudists — mostly highly educated iconoclasts — that he established his only real friendships.
During his life, Richter became so taken with the study of earthquakes that he had a seismometer installed in his living room — right by his grandfather clock.
He invented the Richter scale in 1932, when he was still a young man, and he used it to measure earthquakes in Southern California. Richter measured the various "levels of shaking" with his scale, making a profound scientific contribution.
Today the man remains as mysterious as the scale.
Kudos to the author for carrying out extensive research, then interpreting the results in a lively, interesting way.

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