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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Princess Diana used to go Topless Sunbathing

I had forgotten about this story until I saw this article. Princess Diana enjoyed topless sunbathing. Also Fergie enjoyed topless sunbathing and Jackie Onassis enjoyed both topless and nude sunbathing.

So there are some pretty famous people in the world who enjoyed nude recreation.

I guess I forget because of the paparazzi taking their pictures, the stories were more about the invasion of privacy instead of their love of getting an all over suntan.

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Stephen Brook, press correspondent
Friday January 12, 2007

Hello!: owner Eduardo Sanchez Junco is known to feel strongly about media intrusion

Hello! magazine has joined News International's boycott of paparazzi photographs of Kate Middleton, girlfriend of Prince William.
The Spanish head office of the magazine, which has a reputation for sympathetic coverage of its celebrity subjects, has written to Ms Middleton's solicitors informing them that they will no longer use paparazzi photographs of her.
"Hello! can confirm that we will not publish paparazzi photographs of Kate Middleton in the future, and have informed her solicitors of that decision," the magazine said in a statement.

Spanish publisher Eduardo Sanchez Junco, Hello!'s owner, is known to feel strongly about media intrusion into the lives of celebrities.

When a paparazzo took pictures of the late Princess Diana sunbathing topless in Spain, Mr Sanchez bought the photographs so he could return the negatives to her.

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