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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

People who are scared of nudity use kids as an excuse again to ban it

You always think of the state of MA being fairly liberal. In Lowell, MA they have a local cable access station and on a music show 2 woman were dancing naked. Sort of like a naked MTV.

And what was one of the reasons they pulled the show? A kid could have seen it, and "I would think that's not good."

Hello, have you ever been to Europe and seen the beaches? They are packed with naked people, young and old. Kids in Europe see naked people ALL THE TIME! And they are very well adjusted having a lower teenage pregnancy rate, abortion rate, violent crimes rate, rape rate, murder rate, etc than America has.

Maybe kids in America need to see and learn the beauty of the human body. Then they will start to respect their bodies and others and maybe not be so violent.

I am so tired of hearing that we have to "protect the kids" from nudity. Let them learn at a young age that nudity is natural and normal. Maybe then it will solve a lot of problems in America.

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Naked Women Appear On Cable Access Show
Racy Show Pulled From Rotation
POSTED: 6:23 pm EST February 7, 2007

LOWELL, Mass. -- A racy show that aired on cable access television in Lowell raised some eyebrows.

NewsCenter 5's Steve Lacy reported that an episode of a music show featuring two naked women aired five times in Lowell.

"Public access, by its nature, does not have the authority to preview or screen material. The segment under scrutiny was in no way produced by me or at LTC or with any of LTC's equipment," said Matt Marchesi, executive producer of the show PGM, which stands for Punk, Goth, Metal.

The episode aired Friday, featuring the women dancing to a local band.

"Without hesitation, I voluntarily pulled the show from rotation," Marchesi said.

The show airs between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. when restrictions on what can air are relaxed.

"The material shown falls within the FCC guidelines that LTC has voluntarily adapted," Marchesi said.

Reaction to the incident was mixed.

"Whatever. I don't have a problem with it if I am not watching it. I don't really care what other people watch," one resident said.

"A kid could have turned the channel and seen that. I would think that's not good," another resident said.

LTC Executive Director Robert Haigh said that he is working with the city and its residents to strike a proper balance between the right to free speech and upholding community standards.

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