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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Penelope Cruz visits a nude beach in St. Barts

I missed the Jay Leno show last week where Penelope Cruz was discussing vacationing on the island of St Barts in the Caribbean.

As she was showing the pictures of her vacation to Jay, they saw a naked man in the background, Penelope quickly said she and her sister must have "accidentally" stumbled onto a nude beach. She didn't know it until she looked at the pictures with Jay.

This is my take. Penelope lives in Spain where all beaches are topless and many nude. Here is a picture of her at St Tropez, France. You can see a topless woman in the background. So it is no big deal to her.

She probably even goes topless or nude sunbathing as most Spanish women do. So she thought it no big deal showing the pictures to Jay Leno. To her, a nude beach is just a "regular" beach where everyone goes.

Jay on the other hand is fascinated by nudity and nudist resorts. How do I know this? Back in the summer of 1996, I had discussions with the Tonight Show about being a guest, as we were featured in the July 1996 issue of Los Angeles Magazine as the best travel destination in Southern California with a 5 page feature article. I even talked with Jay for about 3 minutes. But, sadly for me, they decided not to have me on the show. But, he did mention The Terra Cotta Inn on his opening monologue and did send me an autographed copy of his book Leading with my Chin which I still have.

So Penelope showed her pictures, Jay teases her and she quickly came up with the cover story about stumbling onto the nude beach. My bet? I think Penelope and her sister topless and probably nude sunbathe just like so many other Hollywood stars and did not want to admit it on national TV.

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Penélope Cruz’s nudist beach discovery
Sunday February 11th, 2007 at 10:28 am by Lucy

Penélope Cruz has revealed she didn’t realise she and sister Monica had stumbled onto a nudist beach while on holiday in the Caribbean recently until they looked at the photos afterwards.

Penélope told Jay Leno this week: “We were on a beach and we didn’t know that it was a nudist beach.”

“We were there and someone from my family was taking a picture of me and my sister and we were posing and we didn’t realise that right behind us we had a guy with his legs open.”

“That’s how we discovered we were on a nudist beach - when we looked at the pictures! We were like: ‘What is that behind us?!’”

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