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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nudist resorts need to be fun to be successful !

We are a member of This is the Trade Association for Nude Recreation. There are probably about 270 nudist or naturist clubs and a few resorts in the US. Yet only about 25 are members of TANR. These are the most successful nudist resorts and clubs in America.

Now this post from Australia, touches on the same problems with nudist clubs here in the US as it does in Australia. Most nude clubs don't have much to offer their members, besides being naked. After a while that does not cut it. That is one of the major reason so many nudist clubs are having financial problems.

Here in Palm Springs, we have been open 12 years. When we first opened, there were 6 nudist places in Palm Springs. 14 more nudist places have opened and gone out of business in the next 12 years. We are the only place with the same ownership from 12 years ago.

You always have to be competitive with regular hotels. You can't over charge. For instance we just booked a couple for next September that called a nudist place in Cancun Mexico. They were going to charge $3850/week. And that is in hurricane season Our rates are $899/week, only 1/4th as much. It is no wonder that I hear this place isn't very popular except in March and April.

People will not overpay just to be naked.

We have the 2nd highest occupancy rate of ALL hotels in Palm Springs. Only the casino hotel is busier. If you have a lot to offer your guests and you make your place a fun relaxing place, you will be very popular and busy.

If all you are selling is nudity, you will struggle or go out of business.

In America, the 2 most successful nudist resorts are us, The Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, CA and Cypress Cove Nudist resort which is in Kissimmee, FL. We are the only 2 places that are popular everyday of the week.

People are always making the mistake of booking nudist resorts that are only weekend getaways assuming they are popular like us and Cypress Cove.

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"most see the clubs as offering very little to them
> (and yes, I am a member, but very rarely there!)

Yes, clubs have very little to offer these days. This applies not only
to naturists but almost any other community in the same way. Except
for those clubs with a good restaurant! Or those local senior citizen
social clubs, or the NRMA, which is really more of a motor insurance,
than a members club. If a landed club had something to offer, they
would welcome day visitors anyway...

In modern society, people want to live their freedom and independence,
eg drive the car or take the bus to the beach and make a simple choice
whether they want to walk to the left to skinny dip or walk to the
right to swim in their cossies, so to speak."


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