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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Kevin Barnes from music group Of Montreal performs naked in Las Vegas

Kevin Barnes, from the music group Of Montreal has some interesting thoughts on nudity and performing nude in concert. He just did a show naked in Las Vegas wearing only a red cummerbund and stockings.

He feels going naked forces you to come to terms with body issues and promotes world peace (I agree).

Now he did make one comment that was pretty sad. He said he choose to perform naked in Las Vegas as he did not want to be arrested as a sex offender if he performed naked in another city.

It is a pretty sad commentary, that a musical artist using nudity to promote peace is afraid of performing anywhere in our country except for "Sin City," as he is afraid he would be arrested and charged with being a sex offender.

Where in Europe simple nudity is commonplace, here in the US, use artistic nudity and you might end up in jail.

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Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes Explains Nudity
He was just trying to bring about world peace, see

So, Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal. Why'd ya do it? Why'd ya go and strip naked (except for fishnet stockings and a red cummerbund, of course) on stage in Las Vegas last week?

Well, according to an interview with Dan Moore that aired on WITR, the Rochester Institute of Technology's college radio station, on February 20, he was just trying to get us all to free our minds. (Our asses would, presumably, follow).

Barnes said, "I always wanted to perform's kind of my concept, to bring world peace to the Earth if everyone had to stand naked in front of their peers once a month. I think it's good because it forces you to sort of come to terms with any sort of body issues that you might have and it sort of like cleanses your emotional palette.

"A lot of people get this anxiety that's like 'I was naked in front of an audience!' and stuff, but I think it's kind of cool for people to be able to face that without going to jail. That's the thing, too, I had to pick Vegas because that's the only 21+ venue we're playing on this whole tour, and I didn't want to become a sex offender, because that would be pretty dreadful."

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