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Monday, February 12, 2007

Jennifer Aniston uses nudity to sell movie

It is pretty funny that Jennifer Aniston is having her lawyers threaten online blogs, sites, etc for posting topless pictures on the net.

It is well known that she has gone topless sunbathing and probably nude sunbathing. She has appeared topless in another movie, "The Good Girl" during a love scene.

Anyone can google her name and see pictures of her bare breasts on the net. The lawyer act is probably a pr ploy to attract attention to the movie. She even appeared topless on the cover of GQ magazine. So obviously public nudity does not bother her.

It is prety sad if she is abusing our legal system to help promote a movie.

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Jennifer Aniston Nude: Naked Nipples & Buttocks Hit Web
By Jack Ryan
Feb 12, 2007
Jennifer Aniston nude photos from the 'Break Up' have finally made their way online despite legal threats from Aniston's lawyers. The photographs online have reportedly been scanned by the French magazine Choc. Now these photos are popping up on all the gossip blogs.
Jennifer Aniston appears nude in "The Break-Up," with most of her body being blocked by that of Vince Vaughn. However, there is one brief shot of her blurry fully nude buttocks that many have criticized as being a ploy to get people to come see the movie.

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