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Friday, February 02, 2007

Huff and Puff in the Buff

I Love it!!! Here is a gym in The Netherlands that decides to have a nude workout on Sundays and the AP wireservice picks up the story and it is carried around the world.

I love the Netherlands as they have a very mature attitude towards nude recreation. We have many guests from Holland that stay with us in the summertime.

It is funny, here in the US there are a few nudist resorts that have gym equipment, but AP wireservice doesn't write about them. But if you say "Huff, and Puff, in the Buff" you are an instant world wide nudist star.

The painting is from Jansson from 1914.

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Toby Sterling

9:52 a.m. February 2, 2007

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – Self-conscious about what you wear while working out? A Dutch gym plans to introduce “Naked Sunday” for people who like to huff and puff in the buff.
Patrick de Man, owner of Fitworld gym in the town of Heteren, said he got the idea in part from two of his customers who are avid nudists.

“I heard that some other gyms are offering courses on 'pole-dancing' as a sport, so I thought: Why not bring something new to the market?” de Man said.
He said the response had been overwhelming – positive and negative.

The 70,000-member Dutch Federation of Naturists was curious to see if Fitworld's plan would work...

De Man said the first question Fitworld customers were asking was whether it would be sanitary.

Nude exercisers would be required to put towels down on weight machines and to use disposable seat covers while riding bikes. All machines would be cleaned and disinfected afterward. “We clean them every day anyway,” he said.

The first “Naked Sunday” is scheduled for March 4.

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