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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Government laws can negatively affect nudist resorts

I just mentioned in my last blog how a bad survey by the University of New Hampshire could cause lawmakers to pass bad laws. This article is a perfect example.

If the law was passed banning public nudity, then it would have made it illegal for men to use urinals in public washrooms, babys to have their diapers changed, showers taken at schools, etc. Nudist resorts would have been illegal. It would have been a very bad law and luckily was not passed.

The above picture of my wife Mary Clare and me in our jacuzzi at The Terra Cotta Inn would have been illegal to take at our resort as Mary Clare would have been forced to wear a bikini.

The American Association of Nude Recreation is a wonderful organiazation that looks after the rights of nudists and does political lobbying so dumb anti-nudity laws are not passed.

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Scott Stroud: Perry learns that bypassing procedures can turn out painfully

San Antonio Express-News

Several years ago, in another Southern state, an earnest backbench legislator set out to do something about the strip clubs springing up all over the place, including one under construction beside a highway in his district.
The rookie Bible Belt lawmaker didn't know his way around the Legislature, but he did know how to read. So he found a rule that said he could bypass the committee process and take his solution straight to the floor of the state House of Representatives.

And that's where he proposed a statewide ban on public nudity.

Right off the bat, the proposal caused two problems: 1) It angered the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, whose panel had been bypassed; and 2) the way it was worded, the bill seemed likely to make outlaws of babies having their diapers changed, artists' models and high school athletes taking showers.

It also would have declared anything that covered less than one-third of a person's gluteus maximus illegal. That created another challenge: enforcement.

The floor debate wasn't pretty.

What is a gluteus maximus? asked one lawmaker.

"Back end," our hero answered gamely amid titters. "Buttocks."

Can I be the inspector? Another wondered. He would do it for free.

As you might expect, the nudity ban went down in flames.

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