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Friday, February 02, 2007

Australian nudist is critical of American attitudes toward sex, nudity, and nudism

This blogger feels that Americans are very uptight regarding nudism and nudity.

I pointed out a recent USA Today survey showing 18% of Americans would find a visit to a nudist club or other clothes free experience a highly desireable vacation choice.

I pointed out that us, The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort had the 2nd highest occupancy rate of ALL hotels in Palm Springs. (Only the casino is busier).

Unfortunately, most of the world thinks we are these wacked out, anti nudity, anti nudism weirdos as portrayed by the extreme religious right.

As long as people who enjoy vacationing at nudist resorts don't speak up about how much fun they have and how nudist resorts are the best vacation choices ever, people outside of our country will still have this wrong view of our country.

So let people know that you enjoy nude recreation.

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"Open letter to the Americans, from a critical Aussie admirer: 2/2/07

Shake yourselves awake Americans; realise how much the world has followed your great example - absorbing massive migrant populations from every corner of the earth, an engine room of science and industry, inspiring progressive revolutions in far-flung nations for more than a hundred years, plus being benefactor of billions in humanitarian and economic aid.

But who wants to follow your present example?

I'm not just talking about the problems of your big business leaders using the American might to exploit the people in poorer nations, but your attitudes towards sex and such things as nudity and health and welfare generally.

My latest book which has just been published is entitled "Escape from the Iron Lung to turn on THE MAGIC OF LIFE."

I was once in the iron lung with Polio. In the iron lung your arms and legs and body are enclosed and your head sticks out of the end. If a fly lands on your nose you can't knock it off or if your ear itches you can't scratch it. You are alive but your enjoyment of life is very restricted.

...I found that many people were living what I called "iron lung lives" - allowing themselves to be restricted in their pursuit of happiness by ideas and attitudes handed on to them by past generations who had suffered wars and missed out on real fulfilling happiness in their relationships because of these accepted and unquestioned ideas and attitudes.

Acceptance of what destructive ideas and attitudes?

...On a personal side, as one moves amongst thousands of nudists, the common knowledge is that America is the place where the citizens are very uptight regarding nudism; where the strip joints, the big giggle and hypocrisy are the theme. Having spent many happy times swimming, playing tennis, and just living amongst hundreds of nudists, I know that there is nothing to snigger about; that there is in fact a great gain for those who can take their clothes off and enjoy themselves without any feelings of guilt or shame.

And last but not least, sex: : even your great film industry - which has led the world and given us all so much pleasure and enjoyment as well as knowledge - still cannot portray sex the way it really is - as a great human resource which deserves to be treated with the greatest respect.

The censorious ones see "respect" as abstinence, hiding it away, not discussing sex sensibly, and making it into something naughty or even sinful. Some say "I'm broadminded - I can take a dirty joke". Of course they can, but that's just because it's usually cheap-skating sex, and that does not upset them.

What does upset vast numbers is the presentation of sex as a valuable human resource - providing us with motivation, interest and variety and something to look forward to in life, relief from tension, plus a great aid in gaining a relationship and keeping a long-term relationship.

Hey, I wonder if any American magazine or newspaper will publish this Open Letter?

Anyway, it will be on our website

Yours faithfully,

Jim Vickers-Willis

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